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Another "Playing" Time

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I decided to "play" again with because I had nothing to do while I'm waiting for the match between England vs Swiss..It's a qualification round for the Euro 2012!! And the match will start in about 15 more this gonna be a quick post :D

I just remembered that I have some pics that I took a couple weeks ago..But I don't think I'll post it on my blog because the result was not that good..The lighting was so bad and it makes some pics become a little dark and unclear..So, I think I can make the pics look better by editing them :)

And here are the results!!

edit,daily look

edit,daily look
[Hijab - Arderlya scarf | Arabic inner - Toko Momy | Outer - Little Sis's | Blue Tank Dress - Factory Outlet in Bandung | Unbranded Jeans | Sling Bag - Christian Dior | Shoes - Casedgy | Pin - ITC Mangga Dua ]

edit,hijab look

Tell me what do you think about them? are they better than this one?
I know they were not good enough..and I still have to learn more about editing pics..but when I see the real pics *before it was being edited*, I'm quite happy with the result..haha

See you in the next post :)

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  1. Kereeeeen...
    Niy si ardelya scarf yg dibeli waktu itu ya????
    Fika canggih euy,,pinter edit poto...aku gak bisa...hehehehe

  2. personally, i love pics with minor editing. but, if it's for lighting purpose then it's ok. good job :)

  3. Assalamualaikum sister,

    I love that jacket, it looks really nice, and the dress as well. Your editing skill for this post has improved compared to the last picture. but I think you need more light, like using flash or external flash to make your picture looks sharper. well that's my opinion, you can ignore it if you want :)

  4. fika bagus hasilnya..editingnya sukses hehehe terkadang aku juga mo upload foto diblog males karena harus melalui proses editing dulu hehehe (aku g bisa ngedit hihih)

  5. I love editing pics using, too.. It's really easy to use and creates wonderful effects. Yours are great, too. And I love your outfit color scheme, so refreshing :)

  6. well you've done great with those pics. I love the last photo! :)

    Flickering Moonlight

  7. brides gonna be!
    I love the editing!
    its great for a newbie in editting :)

    I am not good in it too!

    and I love the last picture effect! pretty nice!


  8. Happy Eid Mubarak, Fika! May Allah bless us with love and tender care from the surroundings. Taqabballahu Minna Wa Minkum , Taqabballahu ya Karim

    The Monochromatique Stylitude


    Myrrh Goldframe

  9. love the color combination is this outfit ! pink and blue are great together :)

    and yesss editting works like a magic.. that's why i totally love photoshop.. i dont think my pictures would look like the ones i posted on my blog if i couldnt operate photoshop..hehehe

    RE: kak fika bisa aja ahhh isengin nyaa..jehehehe..

    selamat idul fitri :)

  10. Fika.. I like your photos editting in Trial & Error post better than this, maybe you need more light & contrast :)
    but overall.. those photos also great, I like second picture :))

    Oh ya,about my Floral Pants, yes.. It likes Hanna's pants. Thanks god I didn't wear it while gathering at UK,hehehe

  11. pretty.. i love love love blue and pink combined together. and i love your heels so much! :) love the color :)


  12. Hihi you look lovely kak ! Love the editing :D Happy Lebaran btw !

  13. Happy Eid Mubarak, Kak <3
    The result is good, Kak. The important thing is, for me as the reader, can see your photos clearly and brightly :) and you did it

    Hope you have nice holidays

  14. the way you wear hijab is interesting..


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