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White in Holy Month

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 is the first day of fasting month in Indonesia..and it can be different in another state..If I'm not mistaken Australian start to fast on Thursday, August 12th..

I think this year's fasting month will be harder than last year for me..yeah, fast while you work as a journalist that make you have to hop from one place to another is not that easy..especially when I have to take the public transportation in the hot weather in Jakarta..But I'm sure I can handle that very well ;) *we have to be optimistic first!! haha*..

I hope all of you who celebrate Ramadhan can maximize this month with some worship and try to be a better person start from, I just wanna say.....

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And I also wanna share the outfit that I already wore a couple weeks ago but never had time to post it..since I'm wearing white dress and this color use to associate with pure and, I think this is the best time to share it :D

Actually I really want to edit it first, but somehow the internet connection is quite slow, so it will take me so long to edit it with this website like what I did in previous post..

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when I took this pic, I don't realized that the tied in the right side is getting loose..hehe

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[Maxi Dress - ITC Kuningan | Unbranded Long tee and Veil | Inner of veil - Toko Momy | Brooch - My aunt's | random accessorizes | Shoes - Casedgy]

Some details of the accessorizess :)

Hope we can respect each other in this holy month :)
See you guys around soon *sorry for the late reply and blogwalking*..but now, I need to sleep coz in a couple hours I have to wake up again for saur..
Have a great month friends!!

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  1. kak fika!
    selamat berpuasa di bulan suci ramadan ini yah!

    semoga puasa kakak lancar2 saja tanpa ada bolong satu pun :)

    sebentar lagi saur loh :D


  2. itu mouse ring ya..kok ada ekornya ya..
    lucu bgt:)

  3. happy fasting, Fika! too bad i couldn't meet you last week =/
    you look beautiful and mature as always <3

  4. Pretty cool ! Good luck kak fr your job, I know it's hard to struggling with jkt's public transp . Happy fasting :D

  5. selamat berpuasa..
    you look beautiful. ^_^

  6. happy fasting kak :) smoga puasanya lancar yah hehehe

    smooch* natzcracker

  7. that white dress is super gorgeous, and it looks good on you, happy fasting :)


  8. fika... sweet dress ^^ i like it! happy fasting n_n

  9. ka fika, happy fasting ya. semoga kk lancar puasanya.

    another lovely dress , kk keren deh pake long dress gini.

  10. Selamat merayakan ibadah puasa yah kak ! Good luck ! I really love your maxi dress ! Just so lovely ;)

  11. asw
    hai fika..
    blog kmu cukup inspirasional buat aku.. seneng juga liat kmu udah pake kerudung dan mau merit.. happy bgt buat kmu.. semoga pake kerudungnya tetep istiqomah dan bisa jadi isteri yang sholehah ya..
    btw, maen" dunk ke blog aku..

  12. oh dear, so sweet and lovely. selamat berpuasa btw ;)

  13. kak fikaa happy fasting yah :)
    anyway olshopku udah launch lo kak main main dong hehe ke
    anyway love your maxi dress kak, tapi kok lebih lovely kalo jilbabnya kaya yang biasanya gitu kak modelnya, menurutku sih hehe :p

  14. happy fasting kak... love the white heels :D


  15. happy fasting kak fika..
    and keep the spirit. i love your hijab look kak, sweet...

  16. you always look good when you wear dress, Fika ^_^

    mohon maap lahir batin yaaa ;)

  17. Happy fasting sis, hope we can back to the holy soul <3

  18. Happy Fasting, Kak Fika :) Semoga puasanya lancar! You're very pretty in a long dress kak <3


  19. kak fikaaa
    hope you're doing well :)
    you look pretty in the outfit
    selamat berpuasa ya
    semoga bisa menjalankan puasa nya dengan baik
    tetap semangat ya!

  20. You look sweet kak Fika =)


  21. so beautifull kak!
    salam kenal ya :)

  22. FIKAAAAA!!!
    *peluk brutal*
    Missed you a lot :) I'm glad seeing you looking stylish and comfy with the hijab... Hope the fasting month goes well for you!


  23. love ur look...why don't u post it at hijab high??
    follow me if u dont mind

  24. fikaaaa, makin cantik ajaa pake jilbabnyaa.. :)

    always love white colour! :) hihi selamat ramadhan yaaa (hehe telaaat)..smg kapan2 kita bisa bertemu-bertemuuu ^^

  25. maxi dressnya aku suka...^^ cewek bangettt ;))


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