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(Un)Happy September

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September will come in a minute *or maybe it already September when you read it* and I'm not excited at all..It should be a happy month for all Muslims people in the world, because Idul Fitri is coming in this September..But, I think it will be the worst Idul Fitri ever!! :((..the reason is because I have to work from September 9-11th..what the hell?!? In calendar Idul Fitri will be on September 10th, but it's still possible that Idul Fitri come earlier in September 9th..and that's mean I can't celebrate this Idul Fitri with my family?? So sad :((..

When I choose to be a journalist, I already know the consequences..but I'm still thinking that at least I got a day off in one of Idul Fitri *It usually celebrate for 2 days*..and the worst part is the newspaper company where I work in, not publish the paper from September 9-12th..So, I work for 3 days in Idul Fitri just to fill the online web..

I'm sorry to complain a lot about my job..but this fact is really killing me..Now, I'm in searching for another job that have a clear office hour and holiday time. And the most important thing is I need the job that can give me "Me Time"..Being a journalist has take almost all of my time..I don't have time to treat myself well..However, it's still a fun and exciting job..Especially for you who love a challenge and like to explore a new thing..but personally I think I'm enough with this kind of job..I give four thumbs up for all the journalists out there!! :) :)

Okay, enough with the complain and blabbing thing..
I want to share my outfit that I wore a couple week ago or maybe a month ago..I forgot when I wore it exactly :p
edit,daily look

[Leopard top - N.Y.L.A | unbranded jeans | mom's veil | black inner - ITC kuningan | white lace inner - ardelya scarf | shoes - online shop | Nabila's bag | brooch - RIP auntie]

edit,daily look

You know what? when I wore this cross inner hijab, my dad was laughed out loud when he first saw I look that weird?? haha

I also want to share some of my Hijab Looks ;)

edit,hijab look

Sometimes I just took the pic of Hijab looks, not all the outfit..But for the purple one, I also take the outfit post..just wait until I post it in the next post :) :)

P.S. all you can see at the picture above, the Dian Pelangi's hijab style inspires me a lot *the green and purple one*..I use to wear that kind of style at any occasions ;)

Hope you all have a Happy September!!
Wish me luck in finding another job ;)..hehe

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  1. aaww, I can sympathize with you, but Journalism is one of those jobs that can consume your life. Early Eid Mubarak, love your hijab style.

  2. that's the risk, fika. my ex-bf considered to be a journalist too and i'd imagined how little time we'd have together if we got married. ugh.
    good luck on finding a new job xx

    ps. i love how stylish you are even you wear hijab. and those veils look pretty. great inspiration for lebaran <33

  3. Hi kak Fika
    Wish you a job as youre hoped! And happy september 2 u too! :)
    Btw you still look cute :)


  4. sabar ya Fik...
    lebaran kali ini aku juga gak bisa kumpul bareng keluarga...
    gak mudik euy....

  5. oh noooo.. that's horrible.. gak bisa ambil cuti aja yah??hehehe
    fika itu daleman jilbab yang selang-seling gitu gimana cara makenya?hehehe apa emang dari sananya udah gitu??? hihihi

  6. yaah, very unfortunate kak fika, can not celebreat Idul Fitr with your family...
    but you must cheer up to welcome idul fitr :)

    great outfits kak fika, :)

  7. Great bag ,Fika ! But what is Idul Fitri and why is this day so important ?

    Hugs :*

  8. so sad to hear that u cant spend ur Iedul Fitri with your family.. :(
    but kak fika, i'll always adore ur style, i start to wore heab too, and ur blog very inspiring me! thoose Dian Pelangi's stuf is cool too, ive seen her blog. ♥ it already! :)

  9. that is so sad if you cant celebrate Idul Fitri with your family kak, i hope theres a miracle so you can celebrate Idul Fitri with your family :D

  10. aduuhhh , ga bisa liat potopoto kamu dehh d posting iniii . gambarnya gaa mau muncul ! huhuhu ;(

    but this is a nice blog i think ;)

  11. wah I love your hijab look!soo unique!
    visit mine yah :)

  12. seriously???!!
    waaah, sabar ya say.. gile males banget euy lebaran harus ngantor juga.. :(
    gud lak ya, smoga segera mendapat pekerjaan baru dengan jam "normal"..supaya nanti ada waktu utk "ngerawat" misua jg.. haha.. :D

  13. awww thats a bit sad :( couldn't you take the day off?
    totally unfair, I feel for you

    love your blog by the way, feel free to check out my blog: http;//

    love and peace

  14. Ohhh, I am sad for you. What a bad coincidence that you have to work. I like the way you are wearing your hijab. Very stylish.

    B* a la Moda

  15. omg u cant celebrate eidul fitri with family? so sad.but what can u do,u need to sacrifices.
    btw,u need to cheer on that day ya!and good luck hunting new job!

    the bag so cute.and great inspiration to wearing hijab.:)


  16. hello dear, you're pretty but the style of hijab you're wearing doesnt suit your face and the colour of your skin, so it makes your face looks older and your skin looks darker. i suggest you should explore more about the hijab style. thats just my opinion sorry if it offense you. cheers :)

  17. Uuuh that's too bad kak if you should work on the eid dul fitr day. But just enjoy it then, dont be burdened by such that thing. Okay ;D
    Keep the spirit on!

  18. I dont know anything about journalists so maybe i could just say
    good luck, kak fika :) may Allah swt will show the best path for you .

    i hope it wont happen in the next year's lebaran.

  19. don't be sad ya Kak. pasti ada rencana bagus dibalik semua keeibukan Kakak pas idul fitri :)

    you look different with other ppl who wear hijab. it looks like you combine your hijab perfectly and unique.

    have nice days

  20. wahh, udah lama ga ngunjungin sweet escape ni. goodluck for finding a new job ya fik, emang ga enak juga kalo lebaran ga sama keluarga ya. all the best for you fik :)

  21. hmmm ka'fika thanks for sharing the another styist way to wear hijab reminding this is ramadhan .. :)

    i love the bag btw :)


  22. Wow working on Idul Fitri ? That's so cruel . I hope you'll find a better job which gives some free time kak ! Lovely outfit btw and I love your colorful hijabs ;)

  23. hahahahah kenapa diketawain kak fike itu cross nya ?

    i love this style . sorry about ur work ! ak dulu jg pernah kena hal yg mirip dgn kakak.. when i was in high school .. mreka mengadain ujian kt di hari raya untuk buddha -_-" sebagain kluarga sy masih buddha .. nah masa sy hrs ke sekolah ujian -_-" dulu kesel bgtttt jg..

    re: itu bayi nya kakak nya cowo ku :) hehehe

    many thanks for the comments as always ..
    glistersandblisters dot com

  24. wow, adore your bag so much! good luck with your job, ka! :D

    Castor Pollux

  25. i love your bag kak!! oh so sad you couldn't celebrate the big day with your beloved family. but cheer up! there must be something good about that. God always has secret mission behind anything even the worst one :)


  26. Hi kak fika! akuuu baek kok. kak fika gimana kabarnya? Aku jga udh jarang blogwalking nih sekarang. hehe. Aww, u still look stylish even when you wear hijab :D

  27. Fika.. Semakin ingin pake jilbab model Dian Pelangi inii.. Tapi saya belum PD euy..pernah sekali make, tapi ngga betah :D


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