Hijabers Fun Breakfasting

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who says you can't look stylish in hijab??
Who says wearing hijab make you look old??
Who says you can't wear the hot stuff when you wear hijab??
All of these beautiful ladies proved them wrong!! :)

Last night, I had a great breakfasting with around 50 hijabers ladies at Urban Kitchen Plaza Indonesia..and I'm so amazed that all of them are so fashionable..Actually, I already know some of them before from blog and Muslims Forum..But, honestly I can't remember all of their names..the time is so short and the place make us quite difficult to mingle with everyone..However, it's still a great event and I'm happy I can join it!!

Okay, now lets the pictures talk by themselves ;)

Meet the four beautiful ladies that hosting the event!!
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Fifi, Ria, Hanna, Dian

The best dress of the night..
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
each of them has their on uniqueness..and they got a beautiful package from Dian Pelangi *it's a famous clothing label for Muslims* :)..I envy them!! hahaha

Now is the time for me and the ladies ;)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Me with the author of Hijab Scarf!! The Gorgeous Fifi and Hanna

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Me with the two amazing fashion designer!! Ria of Shabby Chic and Dian of Dian Pelangi *see their photoshoot with Hijab Scarfb in HERE and HERE!! You must love them!!*

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
me with the famous Irna Mutiara of Irna La Perle and Dessy, one of the best dress of the night :)

With some of blogger buddies ;)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Me and Ghaida of Gda's Gallery

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Me and Wulan of Influential Berry

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Me and Puput of Puput Utami

A little meet up with the girls from Muslim Outfitters thread of Fashionese Daily forum
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ola, Dessy, Me, Nurul

What I wore
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[Mom's veil and belt | Lace Inner - Ardelya Scarf | grey inner - ITC Kuningan | Unbranded Jeans | Blazer - Zara | Stripe Top - Cotton Ink | Flat shoes - Zara]

The hijab look
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
it's inspired by Dian Pelangi's style!! :D

anyway, all the guest got a goody bag from Wardah Cosmetics..I forgot to take the pics :(..but the bag consist of sunscreen gel, compact powder, facial wash, lipstick, and body scrub :)..

Can't wait to meet them in the next event!!

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  1. it was a fun evening.. I was like "wooow!" all the girls attended the event were soo gorgeous!!
    Let's meet up again next time ;)
    Living Daisy

  2. 50 ppl? Woooww the event is great ,then! Love it , I have to join another event from them. I know hijabscarf blog from u kak ,and I loowwvee their style . Mrs hanna is to cute for her age :D

  3. wew,,,seru banget pasti ya...
    kok aku gak diajak siy????

  4. such an interesting event :D

  5. Awesome photos Fika ! You all look amazing and I'm thinking I should try and wear a veil for autum .. because you look so stylish :)

  6. senangnya bertemu banyak fashion blogger... tp surabaya-jakarta...jauuuhhhh.... :(

  7. waaa menyenangkan sekali, Fika! you're so lucky to meet many hijabi bloggers :D

    kalo gini jadi mupeng tinggal di Jakarta hehhehe

    aaaa ketemu Gda Wulan Puput dll....

  8. All of you looked gorgeous! I'm quite smitten with the lovely girl in pink in the first pic! Maybe becos it's my fave colour:)


  9. aaah post ini bikin iri..
    pasti seruu wehehe..

    gaya jilbab itu cocok kak :D

  10. see! who care with the anon comment that saying you look old kak?

    all those hajib-ers should I say look FABULOUSLY AWESOME AND GORGEOUS!

    so whats not with hijab? (have you see jessica yamada in hijab? she looks so pretty in it too)

    happy fasting kak anyway! and thanks for your comment!

    emang nih longchamp skarang pasaran abis sampe ga doyan lietnya! itu candid pics coz plg banyak ditemuin disini! + indo juga

  11. this looks great, so bad i couldnt not join at all :(
    i live in london hahah way too far

    love your blog :) i'm following your blog
    feel free to follow in return :)

    love and peace

  12. Aku liat kamu pas acara, tapi lupa nama blog kamu, jdi ga nyapa kamu deeh... Padahal aku sering mampir ke blog kamu, tapi blm pernah komen.. hehehe

    Salam kenal yaa... aku suka style kamu deeh.. Gaya inner tumpuknya juga lucuuu... :)

  13. hellooo..
    nice to meet you anyway :D

    i already knew this event before from Dian Pelangi facebook page and hijabscraf.
    But, unfortunately i couldn't be there, huhuu..There was a lot of another events on my campus. :"(

    I'm sure it was really fun, right? met a lot of fashionable hijabers! :D
    I hope there will be another event like this soon, hehe..

  14. pengeeennnn.. hohohohoho..
    hanya bisa menatap futu2 kalian..

  15. Assalamualaikum fika..
    thank you for linking my blog btw.. :)
    oh that event, yeah too bad i can't join even in couple nite before i had bday dinner with ms.fifi and our friends. i'd love to meet all the hijabers bloggers next event.
    salam kenal utk smua blogger :)

  16. Wawww, you look very beautifull, kak! :)
    I wanna wear veil actually, but I think I will wear when I become a college students hehe


  17. you look so beautiful! with or without veil, but I must say I always fond peoples who wears veil, there's always peaceful feeling every time I look at them. it feels gracious. Don't mind people who can only talk bad kak, they not worth it :)

  18. whoaaaaaa sounds like you guys had a blast! cantik2, pake jilbab, dan tetep stylish smua! yaaaaaaay. lovey lovey lovey <33

    ps. yes yes hope we'll meet on oct yah =D

  19. This is amazing!

    Such beautiful, stylish ladies!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  20. You look gorgeous with the veil kak :)

  21. stylish hijab-ers! awesome!

    kamu biasanya buka puasa dimana emang? kayaknya susah sih tapi soalnya kalau aku jalan ke jakarta buat ngejar jam buka puasa pasti macet dan 3 in 1 :( abis lebaran sounds great :)

  22. it looks like a fun evening
    and i agree they all look stylish!
    have a great weekend

  23. you truly describe how women can look stylish w/o showing a sliver of skin !!
    you guys all look great !! its nice to see stylish girls in hijab when people tend to stereotype muslims as someone not stylish because they have cover certain areas of their body !

    have a nice ramadhan kak !
    hope you've had a nice and relaxing weekend :)
    glistersandblisters dot com

  24. you guys look so good in hijab, it's really nice to see people wearing hijab and I guess the fun part is mix-matching the colors ya? :)

    happy fasting, may God always bless you =]

    We Go Gaga

  25. prasaan udah komen disini..
    tnyata blom.. hahaha..
    yowes saya komen lagi deh..

    it was a fun event!!
    yay.. can't wait for the next event lah pokoknya.. :D

    dan pada hari itu dirimu terlihat sangat okeeh lho Fik.. :D

  26. kereen..kereenn euy..
    stylish this lah pokonya *wink

  27. ma'shaAllah, beautiful hijabi sisters rocking their style.


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