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Friday, July 30, 2010

Maybe some of you already know that there is a anonymous comment who said that I look older after I wore a hijab..and actually I do agree with him/her..especially when I wore this kind of outfit..I think I look like my mom..I'm soo old *or maybe mature is more appropriate :p*..hahaha

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[maxi Dress and Veil - Mom's / Brooch - Najla's/ Wedges - St. Moritz]

Pssst..I use some safety pins to make the drapery effect because the dress is too long for me :p..and it's inspired my Michelle of Glister Blister in this post..of course she did it much better than me :D

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Anw I wanna say thanks to the anonymous..Actually you don't have to be anonymous to say that I look older with the hijab..I'm not mad at all with your comment :)..
It is just there is one thing that I want to make clear..Wearing a hijab is my choice based on what I belived in my religion..and once I decided to wear it, I will never took it off to public for any reason :)..

And of course I really wanna say thanks to all my followers and readers..Thankss for all of your supports and comments that always make me happy..If there's something that you don't like about my post, do not hesitate to say it directly, you dont have to be anonymous..but of course please use the appropriate words, so it will be a constructive comment..REMEMBER, no harsh words please :)..because I just want to make friends with all of you ;)

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. hahaha!
    definitely not old!
    yes, I have to agree with you that you look more mature, especially with abaya style :D but I don't think you look old, Fika!
    by the way, I love the detail on your abaya! It really cute abaya, because I usually saw a plain-with-bordir abaya wore by my aunt :D nice outfit!

  2. your maxi dress is so beautiful!
    you look beautiful too!

  3. i love ur style & fashion sense. u look beauty wearing a hijab :)

    btw, the drapery effect is looking good! gonna try it out since i also have a long maxi dress. thanks for sharing :)

  4. ahaha i dont think you look older with hijab, its still okay:)

    please mind to check out my new post:)

  5. i dont think u look old.but look quit mature:)
    but the last photo with ur smile make u look so young lah.
    and u look great in the dress.u look taller.and never cross in my mind to pin the dress like that.awesome job ka fika :)

    btw,have great weekend :)


  6. you look so matture and stylish ci! :)check out my latest post ya


  7. Nice outfit :) have a nice day!

  8. emang jadi keliatan lebih dewasa..
    tapi keliatan lebih cantik pake jilbab ahh.. :)

  9. cool, i love the way you drape the dress <3 super cool!!


  10. kak fika!
    gak ada salahnya kok pake jilbab!
    you look pretty in another term!

    and I love the effect on your dress!
    you can still rock your style with your veil for sure!


  11. dressnyaaa lucu fikaaaa.. :)) suka suka
    sayang gak bs ketemu :((


  12. walking...
    dress nya imut bgt kok :)

  13. nice dress,keren..aku pengen deh pake dress gitu tp aku pendek.
    ka fika, bukan tua tapi dewasa.yg penting kan pake hijab ibadah buat kk, dan cantik luar dalem kan kan? ia ga? hihi.setuju sama ka fika :)


  14. You look really great!

    People tell me all the time that I'm starting to look like my mother too!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  15. kak Fika,
    In my opinion, you don't look older after you wore a hijab, because I know in Islam we should wear it if we are ready. Dan itu suatu hal yg mulia buat dilakukan :)

    saranku, kakak pake warna yg lebih cerah aja, hehe..

    Strawberry Giggles

  16. nice drapery effect kak, i like! :)
    nggak tua kok kak! just a bit mature hehehehe

  17. i agree that you look mature instead of old ! hehhe..

    and im happy that you took inspiration from the way i draped my dress.. hehe.. i think u did very good there :)

  18. hahaha I prefer mature :) lovely dress!

  19. Hai Fika :) Thanks for your comment in my blog days ago :)
    Yes, in common, girls who use hijab seems older or maturer :)
    I think the way you use the color (not using dark color) will not make you look older.
    Anw, a advice here, why dont you use more outdoor view for your OOTD :)

    Have a nice day dear :)

  20. youre so cute with those outfits...
    im agree with ur thought....
    somehow you look so cute wearing hijab! :)

  21. this outfit for me is like 'culture' meets 'rick owens'. inspired x

  22. aaah bagus kok itu gaunnya :D
    more mature kakak, not older and prettier also :)

  23. aaah bagus kok itu gaunnya :D
    more mature kakak, not older and prettier also :)

  24. awalnya liat maxi dress itu lgsg berpikir, "Iiih lucunyaaaa ada drapery kayak gitu..."

    ternyata pake peniti yaaa? Kreatif bggtt ^^ mau nyoba aaah :D

    bagus kok Fika, kombinasinya :D

    Actually I'm the one who tend to look like 'ibu2' :p

  25. i also made d drape effect on my outfit!n using pins too...then i came by and saw that u too did d same! yay 4 us! heeee...


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