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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last Tuesday I got a day off and arrange a lunch with Fhenny who gonna fly back to Singapore next Sunday..It was quite long since our last meet and we just want to share some stories and chit chat-ing :)..And Tasya can join us too..soo, the three of us had a lunch at Nanny's Pavillon Pacific Place..we're lucky because when we ate there, the place is just open for 2 days..and it's such a nice place, the theme of the place is "Bathroom"..for you who live in jakarta, it's a must to visit ;)

At another friends of us, Oki, told us that she can join but it will be and fhenny decided to wait for her..we miss her too!! *anw,tasya had to leave earlier because she must back to work8..while waiting for oki, we just hop from one store to the other, but we spent most of our time at Aksara Bookstore..haha..I bought a book titled "Your Job Is Not Your Career"'s a nice and inspiring book..for you who followed my twitter, may know that I tweet some inspiring words two nights ago :)..Oki finally arrived at 5 pm and then we decided to take some tea/coffee time at Canteen :)

It was a great day..It's fun to meet some friends that we haven't met for such a long time..The bad thing is I didn't take any picture with my camera..I did bring the camera, but I forgot to bring the memory card which is still stick to my netbook..stupid me!!, I'm still waiting for Fhenny to upload those pics ..

For now, I just share my outfit for that day which are took at my room *as always :p*

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[blazer - thrifted | unbraded jeans & hijab | Bag - Aigner | Wedges - St. Moritz | Belt - Mom's | Watch - Casio]

Some details look :)

Okay, that's all for tonight..I need a rest coz tomorrow and the next five days I have to work..yuup,,this week I will work 6 days in a row again :(..what make it worse is I got a night shift on Tuesday but I didn't get a day off in wednesday :((..but I don't want to complain anymore..just try to enjoy what I have now and try to find a better job ;) *I'm a little bit tired with the working hours of being a journalist*..hahaha

Good Night Friends!!
Hope you all had a great weekend :)

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  1. didn't notice that day, your blazer is totally cute,, love the pattern heheeh...

  2. haha "Your Job is Not Your Career", sepertinya bagus, jadi pengen beli juga :)

    aku suka blazernya :D

  3. Yuhuuuuuuu..... :D :D

    *muncul2 ga penting*

  4. i like your bag...

    check my new post plis..thx

  5. Hey, great blazer! I love ur purse, too. Very classic elegant..

  6. nice look, really love your blazer <3


  7. fika.ur blazer so vintage.and love the outfit! :)

    and u had meet with bloggers mate? really really really jealous! :)

    oh.i want to find better job for me too.lets hunt together.heehe.


  8. what a nice blazer!! <3
    good luck for ur job and happy belated b'day for may Allah keep u well

  9. Oh dear 6 days :( make sure to get good rest before starting your marathon shift.

    Love the blazer, goes so well with the gorgeous colour of the scarf.

    Dena x

  10. I really like your blazer! cute pattern! :D

  11. hup hup, semangat kerja dong kak ! kan udah baca bukunya Rene ;)
    vest punya ku cocok tuh buat jurnalist kakak :D

  12. ka fika,kabar aku baik.lg ujian terakhir nih ka :)

    ia nih bgt kpn ke jakarta..wa kk asik bisa ketemu fhenny,.
    aku suka deh blazer kk,unik sama vintage gitu.manis jadinya.

  13. Great outfit, kak! :)


  14. really really love your bag kak :)
    cute blazer too


  15. uu, your meet up sounds fun, totally envy you kak :p

    anyway sk bgt deh sm blazernya lucuuu :)

  16. the thrifted blazer is awesome, no kidding ! smart choice to add the belt..

    see you in a few weeks (hopefully)

  17. mana jilbab yang beli di ardelya????
    kok blum ada??

  18. wahhh? pacific place,,
    dekat sekali dari tempat aku berada,, hehhehe
    :) andai bisa bertemu kk jg

    soal jilbabnya nanti mau aku coba :)
    kalo gagal aku bakal balik lagi untuk mempertanyakannya,, hehhe
    thank's ka

  19. You look beautiful there, sweety :)

    Nice look

    Pinkie Anggia

  20. love your blazer soo much

  21. aaaw i love how you belted the jacket fika! chic!

  22. Sounds like you were having a nice meet up time kak! Anw I love your blazer so much ;) XO, BarbieJunk

  23. Love your outfit! Those sandals are wonderful.

    And the pattern on that blazer is magnificent!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  24. wah kak fika, i rarely read your blog. but somehow i like you better without hijab (no offense kak :D). well in my opinion, since you wore hijab,you look older. older really older. the way you dress up too.
    but anyway i like your blazer. soo vintage :)

    please take this only as suggestion, hehe :)

  25. i like the pattern of your blazer kak fika :) and dont worry about the anonymous comment :) everybody is beautiful in their own way. no revealing needed !


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