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Friday, July 16, 2010

When I got lazy to dress up, I just take this harem pants and wore it as a long pants :D *actually the harem pants is 7/8 high and I should wore it as a tube*..
The pants is soo comfortable..haha

and here are the looks :D..really simple and nothing so special :p

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[harem pants - unbranded | tee - LM for HW | cardi - ZARA | Sandals - casedgy | hijab - Toko Momy | Bag - Random olshop]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[harem pants and long tee - unbranded | krey shawl - cotton ink | sandals - Ginarossi | hijab - unbranded | inner - Tuneeca]

And, I got tagged by Sartob to answer these following questions :)

1. Did you ever had a secret crush on a tv actor/movie star?
Yes, of course!! especially when I was in Junior High School *it's like 10 years ago?woow :p*

2. Is there a TV series you never miss a episode from?
Nope. Because I don't watch those TV series..hahaha..I watch some episodes of Charmed, Heroes, and Friends..but the current TV series like The OC, GG, The hills, etc? Honestly, I never watch them, even just one episode :p

3. If you had to choose: A (love)relationship or two good girlfriends? (not both!;))

This a hard question to answer..But I have to choose A (true) love relationship :)..coz I have more than two good girlfriends, so can't choose that :p
4. Do you have an addiction, something you can never resist? (like chocolate or shoes…) shopping!! hahaha..once I looked at one of online store, I'll keep buying and buying..But, since I have to stop this 'bad' habit, so I try not to open any online store when I get online..and it works for a couple months ;)
5. Do you have a dream you try to chase in your life?Yess, definitely!! who doesn't have a dream? I really want to have my own boutique and a happy family :)
6. Describe your ideal day. What would you do?
Ideal day? Hmm..I think when I got a day off at weekend so I can spend it with my Love one :)..being a journalist means I don't get a day off on every weekends :(..
7. It’s Saturday night. You are: chilling on the sofa, watching television/movies and enjoying snacks OR going out to a hot club with your girlfriends, dancing like you had only one day to live?
I don't go to club and dancing..but chilling on the sofa watching television/movies is not me too..In Saturday night, I used to watch in the cinema or just had dinner on a restaurant or cafe..

8. Which color do you wear the most and is that color telling something about your personality?
Actually I don't have any fave color..but dunno why my eyes always caught on a pink color when I shop..haha..but in daily life I just wear any color that I want :)
I tag all of you who want to answer those questions :)
Just do it for fun!!

Have a nice weekend!!

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  1. looks so comfy! don't have any harem pants.. I think I should have one :D

  2. ah love your shawl again, Kak.
    i never wore a harm pants. nggak PD :(

  3. you look ridiculously comfortable, while still being fabulous. that should be illegal! haha, just kidding. the sandals in the first photo are killer and your diy top is also amazing!

    thanks for stopping by!

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  5. Love those pictures... they are so gorgeous!!!

  6. you look so cute in the two oufits girl.. that bag is beautiful! :)

  7. hello kak! i like harem pants too. btw i've just followed and linked u in my blog :) have a great saturday!

    xoxo, Icha

  8. harem pants look so comfortable, but i dont have any :(
    and anyway i'm addicted to online shopping too its like all you have to do is just sit in front of the computer and then you can get the goods :p haha

  9. Very simple but comfortable for sure kak, I don't have any harem pants, but I have body jumpsuit n rarely wear it :/
    About your comment, hmmm ala bisa karna biasa .betul ? ;)

  10. Love the shawl! And I agree with the answer number 7. I love spending time at home and just relaxing myself =)


  11. looking really nice in your harems kak :) lovey the look


  12. OH,it's so nice to hear from you again Fika,I`ve missed you.
    Yep,as you could notice,I cut my hair and I am very happy that you like it,I wasn`t so sure about it at the begining.

    Oh,and this questions sound really interesting, I`ll respond to them on my blog !
    Huuuugs my darling !

  13. Aww I don't have any harem pants and now I want them ! Haha . Lovely answers kak ! I want to have my own boutique too .

  14. aku juga punya clana kaya gtu,,,
    tapi gak pede make buat jalan2...

  15. boooo kita belum sempat ketemu !!
    i love those pantss !! can i suggest something though ? :)
    i think it'll look cooler with heels :) heels can help "weigh up" the heavy layers in your outfit :)

    but if comfort is your main issue, then stick with flats..hehe

  16. wow, i'd love some BLUE harems like that! x

  17. oh my gosh i've been escaping that long till i just knew that u wear hijan now.. this is sooo inspiring, u even look more beautiful now.. I wanna wear hijab in the future am just not ready now..i hope many girls will be inspired as well..


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