Just Try My Luck!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I just doing a blogwalking and found three amazing giveaway..with no doubt I decided to join them :)..Although I can say that I'm not that lucky in winning a giveaway..hahaha..but just do it for fun!! :D

The first giveaway is from the amazing and young Indonesian blogger, named Evita Nuh..I guess, you must already knew about her :)..when I saw the prize, I know I must join it..yes, as you can see in the pic, she offers 3 "The Teen Vogue Handbook"..I always want to read this book, but never buy it..So, it must be soo great if I can get this book for free *crossing my fringer - wink wink*

wanna join the giveaway? CLICK HERE!! It will close on August 1st, 2010..


And the second giveaway is from Jen :) *I found her blog because the giveaway*..and the prize is soo drooling!! I really hope I can win the grand prize that contained make up sets from MAC..

Wanna join this giveaway?? CLICK HERE!! it will close on August 16th, 2010 :)


The third one is giveaway that held by one of the famous blogger from Indonesia Pudo *you'll know who is she when you click the link, it's my nickname for her :D*..She offers online vouchers worth £25.00 from Asos.com..isn't it sounds great? :D

CLICK HERE if you want to join :)..it will close on August 15th, 2010 :)

Okayyy...good luck!! :D

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  1. I joined evita nuh's giveaway too! Hope we are the winner *crossing fingers* have a nice day!

  2. ka fika.good luck ya.moga2 kamu menang one of them.:)
    ***aku mau teen vogue handbooks!!!!!




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