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I'm Back For The Winner!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I know that I was soo late to announce the winner of my First Blog Anniversary Giveaways..I do really really sorry for that..I got so busy with my job and I was sick on the end of June..that's why it took me such a long time to announce the Lucky Winner and Our Favourite Idea!!

Before I announcced you the winner, I want to say a HUGE THANKSS to all of you who enter my blog giveaway and share your ideas :) :)..there are 101 entries that counted..I gave an extras entries to some of you who gave me more than one idea..

I'm using to pick the Lucky Winner and it goes to..........

"Fhenny from Little Miss Fhenny"

"hmm kalau soal prewedding photoshoot i think it is better to find what you two are interested in so it really represent you two. but my idea is taking photos in the street. well, a road represent your journey and it is taken at night. use natural light from street light or extra diffused flash for the lighting effect. firstly do with the crowded jakarta road (somewhere near thamrin with glimmering city lights) probably with bundaran hi as your backgroud, then find place like outdoor cafe in a building (indochine fx, social house) for a dinner scene, then find an empty street or graffiti wall.

just wear casual outfit. a tiered dress for you. jeans and hi-top sneakers for your fiance.
makes this looks fun young and urban. some candid shots will do too

all the best for your prewedding! :) xoxo"

And now, we move on to the best answer or I'd like to called it as "our favourite idea"..
all of your ideas are amazing..It's really exciting to read them..some of them are very unique and some of them are just soo lovely :)..
Most of the answer are taking a pic in a park/garden or in a beach/river but of course with some different details..The idea of taking picture about "how we met" and "our daily life as a couple" also dominate the answers..There are also some ideas that is so crazy and unique..The ideas that never comes up on my mind before :)

But, at the end Delon and I must choose ONLY one winner..and as we discussed each other, we decided to choose the idea from

"Sher from Beneath The Crystal Star"

"Oh prewedding photoshoots are awesome! I've always envisioned an open field, full of dandelions, wearing a vintage white and lacy dress. I'll definitely take a pic blowing the dandelions."

As you can read above, the answer is just soo simple..but Me and Delon just love it..When I first read the idea, it just "click" to me and Delon also love it :)..
And for this winner, you can choose whether you want a necklace name or a ring name..and I need some extra time to order your request before I can send it directly to your house :)

especially when I found this picture while I googling..I love this idea!! Did you know where can I find an open field with a lot of dandelions in Jakarta?? ;)

Congratulations for the winner!!!
Hope you like the giveaways :)
I'll email you to ask for some details that I need

Anyway, I also want to say CONGRATULATIONS FOR SPAIN who just become the winner of World Cup 2010 :)..They do deserve to win *but still my fave team ever is ENGLAND ;)*..
And, My heart just fell for Iker Casillas!! He is the best Goal Keeper Ever!! and as a captain, he succeeded to give Spain two Trophy in a row, The Euro 2008 and The World Cup 2010!! :D

Okay Now I'll leave you with some of my pics playing with my veil
I'm so sorry because I don't have any outfit photo to share, I hope I can share it soon :)


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  1. Hi
    i am throwing my first giveaway on my blog
    would u mind to check it
    here is the link

    don't forget to join:)

  2. Dandelion is awesome. I love Dandelion. That is so very good idea.

    So sorry I didnt join your giveaway cause I didnt have any idea about prewedding.

    Well....Congratulation for the winner!

  3. Yay congrats for the winners ! Too ad I didn't win . Haha . Lovely photo kak ;)

  4. romantis bangett yg dandelionn!
    and yesss! idea c fhen emang baguss banget!

    we wait for those photos!


  5. great job ka, bagus bgt mix match kerudung nyaa.. ehehe
    nice meet u in person ka


  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you dear! It means so much to me that you both loved the idea!!

    I really can't wait to see your prewedding pics:)



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