Grab Cotton Ink Pre-Fall 2010 on BSM !!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Who doesn't know Carline and Ria?? They are the creator of the amazing Cotton Ink..One of my fave local brand :)

You may already know some gorgeous tubular shawl that they sell from the classic, krey, fringe, into the acid one..what make it better is you can wear them in many only needs your creativity and experiment to find a great way of using it..

Now, they not only sell shawl, the also offer us a ready to wear clothes that are simple, stylish, and of course in an affordable price..for you who were in Jakarta, you are lucky!! coz you can buy their Pre-Fall 2010 Collection in Brightspot Market that will held in July 8th-11th, 2010 in Plaza Indonesia Extension, level 4.

I already made my shopping list ;) you want to make yours? here are some pics of the Pre-Fall 2010 collection..

Neptune Maxi Dress in Berry *A Must Buy Item for Me ;)* + Cropped cardigan in Reddust

4 Way Kimono Top in Pale Brown *I love this top!! :)* + Burgundy Leggings

Clarissa Shirt In Black *Also available in white*

Left: April Top In White + Midblue legging
Right: Miniboxy With Collar In Black + Drawstring Short In Sky Blue

Oversized Shirt In Barely Blush + Drawstring Short In Sky Blue

Laurie Tee In Dark Grey + Drawstring Short In Sky Blue

Click COTTON INK to see more pics of their Pre-Fall 2010
and follow @cottonink for more updates about their collections


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  1. oh.i want to buy all their stuffs.wish i'll at Jakarta next week for Brighspot market.wargh.jealous!

    please buy me that drawstring short,oversized shirt,laurie tee and all.hehe:)


  2. Gosh, i wish i were there. I still in Bandung. :(

  3. i love the clarissa shirt in black >.<
    what is brightspot market anyway ? are they cutting their prize?


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