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Birthday In Jade Green!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 19th, 2010 means I'm no longer 23 yo..I'm officially 24 yo now :)..One thing that's special from this bday is it seems to be the last bday that I celebrate in 'single status' because next year InsyaAllah I'll be someone's wife ;)..hahaha

I already twitpic my bday outfit in My Twitter..And now I want to share more pics that I took when I arrived at home :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[Neptune Knee Dress in Jade Green - Cotton Ink | unbranded legging&long tee | mom's veil | sis's bag | shoes - Fabiano Ricco]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
*please mind the messy bed and unmatched bedsheets..some part in the house is in renovation, so I can say it's a mess in almost all area :p*

I'm sooo in love with the neptune knee..the material is diffent from the others neptune and color is just so lovely!! I'm glad that I bought it in the Brightspot :), because just launched for a couple hours the dress is out of stock..

Detail of the veil or hijab *I still don't know the difference in using those words*

Anyway, for the birthday present, I got a new wallet from Delon :)..I really love it and he gave it in a right time because my wallet is already broken..and did you see the card?The picture is soo lovely..he's great in picking a card ;)..thanksss a lot Love :*

Anyway, for the first time in the last 9 years of my bday *yess,,it's the 9th bday that I celebrate as Delon's Girlfriend ;)*, Delon is not the first person who say a Happy Birthday to me..hahaha
Nabila and Mom who are in Medan now call me 5 minutes before the clock shows 00.00 WIB..there are also my cousins who congratulates me because they hold the phone in loudspeaker mode..They really want to say it before Delon..hahaha

For the last, I wanna say a big thankss to all of you who says a happy birthday to me via twitter, facebook, and BBM :)..send you all big hugs and kisses!!

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  1. you are blessed kak.. <3 i also got a wallet for my birthday, but it was from my mom.. anyway nice dress.. the color is rare :)

    ps: my family and i hv the habit of feeling sudden uneasiness inside us everytime we see mismatched bedsheets and shams.. idk why, it just runs in the family.. hahahhaa

  2. happy birthday kak fika :)
    wish all your dreams come true!
    kyaaa I love that neptune knee dress, the colour is just so fresh hehe
    anyway kak itu bahannya apa ya? semacem kaos gitu kah? I wanna have one of the neptune dress :3

  3. Your story such a beautiful princess, have a 9th year relationship and it will ended by marriage. :)
    When I think veil is bigger than hijab. Veil is like 'praying veil' (?!) Haha tapi gtau juga deh :p

  4. happy belated birthday kak fika! i hope you'll celebrate another birthday with someone you love aka kak delon hehehe :) btw i wanted to buy the jade neptune knee dress too, but as u said it was already out of stock :(

    Hugs & Kisses, Icha

  5. yup nice dress kak,agree with talisha its rare look so sweet kak :)
    waa bentar lagi kk merid. :)

  6. happy bday!! have great years ahead! all d best!
    Love your Neptune Jade.. you look soo pretty in it!
    Love your JOTD also :D
    And that Ramen Sanpachi.. is it good? I'm so craving for ramen these past few days..

  7. Happy birthday to you
    wish you have a bless year. ^_^
    nice gift from your BF

  8. cantik kaaa,,,
    gimana cara pake jilbabnya tuh,,,
    really wanna try it :)
    anyway, happy belated birthday ya kay,,
    hope Allah always blessing you,,


  9. waa happy bday ^^
    nice dress

  10. ah i love the green :)
    btw happy bday kak . semoga barokah selalu ya ..
    wow you really have a long term relationship. congratz with that and good luck !

  11. happy belated birthday kak! :)
    keep stylish xoxo

  12. hey kak fika!
    happy birthday once again!
    you look super pretty!
    maybe its true that birthday princess just want to be the most prettiest girl on earth!

    happy birthday once again brides to be!
    romantic ayee! 9 years of relationship


  13. happy birthday kak :D looking uber gorgeous and happy in the picts <3 and loving that dress, the color is just fabulous!!


  14. Itu rapi kak bed-ny, and happy birthday again :)
    Nice dress kak :))

    oxox, djhanq (check my newest post:))

  15. Oh, happy birthday darling!! You look so pretty in jade green:)


  16. bahasa sininya jade green itu apa ya? ijo toska kah? eh itu kan turqoise ya? hahahaha..

    btw happy birthday ya dear, uhuuuyyyy yang bentar lagi mau jadi nyonya yuki eka putra :) semoga lancar sampe hari bahagia ya :D

    ~duh kapan ya giliran gue :P

  17. hehe we have the same jade green dres ;) i love the color of ur new wallet !

  18. Happy birthday kak Fika,
    may your dreams come true..
    Wish you all the best.

    I like your dress and shoes :)

    Strawberry Giggles

  19. heeey..
    I don't know that you just had your b'day!!! so, happy b 'day fikaa!
    wishing you the most beautiful treasure of life!


  20. happy belated birthday dear Ka Fika.. may you have a wonderful year ahead. let's conquer the world. :)

    Flickering Moonlight

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  23. fika.... happy bithday...

    i rarely leave comment anyway... but actually i read your blog everyday via newsfeed on my cellphone xixixi

    wish u all the best. you're sooo lovely...

    i'm so sorry for being late... I'm just reading your blog by now because i'm so damn busy of working.. hehe
    Better late than never y..
    All the best wishes for you, lots of happiness..
    Hopefully Allah makes your wedding preparation easier. Aamiin


  25. happy bday kag fika...
    wish u all the best
    Allah bless you sistah :D


  26. happy b'day Fikaaa ^^
    hope you'll be succeed & happy with Delon..

    wow you're so creative at wearing jilbab ^^


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