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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I just wanna share how you can wear the same outfit but it turns out into a different look..not that different actually, but at least I wear them to a two different occasion :p..

In the first outfit, I wore it when I go to the tailor to get fitting for my wedding kebaya :D..So, I just make it simple..

Look 1
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[veil - Tanah Abang/ long tee - siss/ skirt - bugis junction/ flat shoes - gift from friend/ bag - freebies from bloop endorse]

In the second outfit, I went to a wedding for "test food"..So, I just add a necklace and put on my platform..I also change my hijab style..

Look 2
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[necklace - unbranded/ shoes - retail therapy]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
dunno why I like this pic, so I decided to upload it too..hahaha

anw, I want you to meet my new ring name!! :) :)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
You can also order this ring if you were the LUCKY WINNER on My Blog Giveaway
You can choose whether you want a necklace name or a ring name ;)

So, don't forget to tell me your idea about the Prewedding Photoshoot!!
It will close one week from now, in June 19th, 2010!!
So, hurry up!!

For the last, I just wanna say Happy Watching World Cup 2010!!!
My heart will always goes for ENGLAND!!
Since the first time I watched World Cup in 1998, I already give my full support to ENGLAND and I won't change until now ;)
Who's your fave team??

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  1. wow sweet insial ring ka..
    hehe, mau dong..
    btw my fave team is germany :)

    visit mine,

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i don't watch soccer.hahaha
    nicee outfit kak, and we have same nail color :)

    abt my sis' prewed photos..
    u could get some inspirations from my sis' prewed photos :)

    .a little princess.

  4. so creative! and i love your ring. it's superb

  5. thanks for Ur sweet comment, itu aku fotonya di ilalang deket rumah. haha.
    pretty outfit!
    what a cute ring!
    btw, mind to exchange link?

    with LOVE
    Little Berries

  6. hi kak, aku juga suka england, tapi aku baru nonton World cup since 2006 when i fall in love with Christiano Ronaldo >__<

  7. omg i super love the skirt and ring! i want that kind of ring :(

    mind exchanging link dear? :D

  8. hi
    iya itu design nya diana for bloop!!
    bagus ya.aku jg wkt pertama liat di OS lgsg suka..

    do u have one of the series..i like all of them:)

    thx for visiting..sering2 mampir ya..

    wud u link me on your blog.thx darl

  9. nice colors on the skirt kak fika..:)
    thanks for the nice comment!


  10. cute ring & skirt! :D
    maybe you could wear cardigan/vest/blazer for another look.. hehe

    btw Fika bisa jahit yaaa? di tempat les desain jg ad aprogram pattern maker.. but I hate sewing machine :( (benernya takut ma mesin jahit hehehe)

  11. awww ring nya lucu bgt kak! :D

  12. Your message helped me through a rough patch, Fika ... I cannot thank you enough!

    I miss you and your blog!

  13. mine is german! lol

    anyway, drop some comments,

  14. my heart always goes to....... NETHERLAND! hihiiiii

  15. hihihi go england go england!!
    i love the look 2 more than look 1
    check out my latest post ya kak :)


  16. and i give my heart for spain,, yeeaaayyy :)

  17. love that ring =)

    and i'm rooting for england as well, woooop!

  18. aa ka fikaaaa :) so sweet banget deh ring nyaa :)

    <a href="> lady tjahjadi </a>

  19. i love those initial rings kak fika !! :)
    you look gorgeous !
    many thanks for your sweet comments !
    hugs and kisses ..

  20. i love both of your looks kak, and your skirt is fab!
    anyway, aku dukung portugal soalnya ada christiano ronaldo haha

  21. I loove Spain, the main reason because there is Fernando Torres.. Your skirt is beautiful with the detail on the hips ^^

  22. uuuu so cute! itu biking ring dimana sih kak?

  23. nice outfit!
    btw, i already follow u, follow me back ;)


  24. Fikaa.. hehehe.. how are you?
    waaa..semoga dapet catering yg pas yaaa... tapi testing food sounds interesting *for me. hahahaha.
    I love your shoes *as always. hehehe. Btw saya gak tau mau dukung sapa buat WC, tp Inggris ganteng2 pemainnya. ;p

  25. fika, it's been a while. how are things? love your new template.

    and as always, you look stunning :D:D

    Cupcake vs Stiletto

  26. the ring is such a cutie! and i love look 2. you look edgier <3
    any we have same nail colors lately, fika. hahaha ;D

  27. Love your outfit.... You mix and match neutral color and color block skirt.... That's make you look gorgeous... :)
    Nice ring (Giveaway)....

  28. Hi, sist...

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  29. fikaaaa.
    love your shoes.btw,i choose look edgy.hehe:)

    oh.thanks for ur sweet comment.the bow is belt actually.:)

    **cant wait to know the winners of ur giveaway.hehe:)

  30. skirtnya lucu banget ;D

  31. both looks are great kak
    nice mix and match
    the initial ring is so sweet :)
    oh and i mainly support netherlands this year, but also support germany and spain
    yep, should do a little meet up :)


  32. wow,,nice skirttt

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    menjual berbagai macam perhiasan, anting,kalung,gelang,cincin

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  33. Hi fika! Im so proud I found a fashion blogger that use hijab and can dress very well! :D And anw, do I smell marriage?? Hwuaa... It's a big thing dear! Congratss! If u looking for a pre wed photo concept maybe you'll like mine. Do email me! :D

    PS: find my email at my blogshop! hihi..


  34. awwww! :)))) prewedding? congratulations! :))
    super super super happy for you. :)

    lots of baloon and bubbles! with confetti and sunset.. :)


    P.S : giveaway ending soon! :) miss chelle

  35. Lovely post n' always be that. . .

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  36. nice outfit fika! and cute ring,btw. =))

    talking about World Cup, my heart goes to Spain actually. hehehe..

    hugs and kisses,

  37. this is pretty cute.. love the necklace! :D

  38. nice ring...
    my fave ti is argentina buat jerman defeated them..
    so i;m supporter of spain now..


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