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They Can Come And Go, But I'll Stay

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last saturday I met arin, regina, lalita, and han at skydining plaza semanggi. It was really fun to meet them all. From 4 of them, only regina that I have meet before at the previous meet up :)..I always excited to meet with new people..

what I wore
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[Tube Dress - NABLY/ Jeans - Yuan/ Grey long tee&veil - Tanah Abang/ Belt - Only I/ Shoes - Zara/ Bag - Bonia]

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[Regina, Han, Arin, Me, Lalita]

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*All the photos at skydining plaza semanggi are from Lalita's camera*

One year ago, I started to blog and there is only a few fashion blogger from Indonesia. As time flies, there are so many young and talented blogger that has born. Many of them has a great style. However, there also some bloggers who just stop blogging and do not update her blog anymore. I can't blamed them because they must have a reason why they did that. But, for me I'll try my best to keep posting regularly coz this blogging activity has give a lot of things to me :)

For you who just start to blog, I wanna say keep on blogging and try to find your own style, coz you will get a lot of thing from this blog, especially NEW FRIENDS!! :D..
And do not blog just to get a lot of followers coz when you don't get that, you'll be lazy to blog. Just blog with your heart. Share anything you want to share. Followers will come by themselves without you have to asked them, especially if you have something unique to share.

So, keep on blogging dear!!
and see yaa in the next meet up ;)

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  1. cute tube dress! i am already inlove with blue colour, and it suits you better!hahaha great colour combination, Fikaa :D

  2. I agree with your thoughts... blog with your heart is the way to do it.

    Love your outfit... I love how you layered your tube dress and the tee. xoxo

  3. totally agree with you!
    number of follower is not something important but the most imporat thing is share what we love to share


  4. Your hijab is stunning dear =)
    anw I hv linked u back, thanks for your time to drop by!


  5. How cute! I love the combination of red and gray pieces!

  6. yes, I always do it with my heart :D

  7. agree with your thoughts dear :)
    and you look beautiful, seriously :D

  8. wonderful dress!
    keep up the good work my friend 0_0

  9. These are really great words of wisdom kak fika :)
    I know hw several bloggeRs have given up due to the amount of the followers. But I know if u blog wit ur heart the followers will just come to u on their own :)
    And even though u don't update ur blog that often, I like d fact that u keep up wit it wenever u can :)

  10. agreed with your thought dear! :)
    you had a great day with friends, didnt you?
    nice outfits ;)

    The Queen of Queer

  11. agree with your thought! blog with all of your heart. =))

    and hey, you decided to wear veil now. show the world that hijab girl can also look gorgeous.

    that was nice lil meet up. too bad i can't join. =((

    hugs and kisses,
    Fashion Fantasy Land

  12. i agree with your thought ka..
    and u look cute...
    i'm feel bad can't come that day..

  13. you're adorable......likee your style very much.. i will follow youuu

  14. i'm agree with you kak, keep blogging with your heart. it such a great advice.

    badly i cant join that meet up, maybe next time i'll meet all of dearest blogger :D

  15. cute tube dress !
    n you look so so beautiful with your veil (:

    first visit niihh..

    visit mine ?

  16. Love the combination of blue and red! ;)

  17. yess, agree with your thought. that's why i love to read your blog :)
    love your dress btw :)
    LOVE, beauty splashes

  18. keep blogging ya deaaaaaaaar
    seneng lihat kamu udah pake veil,,,

  19. super cute tube dress and i really really love your pink veil! bright-color veil really looks awesome on you, Fika! <3

  20. I've changed my blog layout and designed. . Please comment ya!! ^_6

    Be my follower too and I will do the same thing ^_^

    Ice Creamy World
    Twitter : caramel_manda

  21. kak fika..

    i'm also a hijab girl. but i don't have any braveness to match grey clothes with red veil. i usually use a veil which has similar color with my clothes.

    i like your outfit. and i'll try to match my clothes with different veil color. :)


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