First Anniversary Special Giveaway!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's may 29th!! it means today is my blog first anniversary :) :) *yeayyy!!*
As I promised you before, I will held a giveaway that open for international readers, so anybody can join this giveaway..and for my reader who doesn't have a blog, don't worry coz you also can join it :)

In this giveaway I offer you 3 accessorizes for the lucky winner and 1 special gift for the best answer *of course this is based on my opinion, so it must be so subjective ;)*

This are the giveaways for the lucky winner who will I pick randomly using

1. Tulle headband from Nefertiti (local brand)
2. Nefertiti's necklace that I modified with some circle studs
3. DIY circle ring
P.S. this giveaway is not collaborated with Nefertiti..the headband and necklace are mine that I never use it because I have two items for each :)

And for the best answer winner will get the custom necklace name like on the picture can order it in any name you want and you can also choose the font..I will make it exactly as you want. But since it's custom made, it will need extra time (about 2 weeks) before I can send the giveaway to your house...because I have to order it first :)

You have seen the giveaway, now is the time for me to tell you HOW TO ENTER this giveaway :)

Mandatory Entry *It's A MUST* :)
As you know, I will getting married by the end of this year..And I haven't take the PREWEDDING PHOTOSHOT yet..So, I need a little help from you..tell me your idea of prewedding photoshot..Don't forget to tell me the place, the outfit, and the pose ;) as creative as possible..If you want to win the special price, don't enter with the ordinary idea :p..
Don't forget to leave your email address so I can easily reach you if you win!!

Extra Entries:
- Follow My blog through Google Friends Connect *The icon is on the left sidebar*
- Follow My blog through Bloglovin *The icon is on the left sidebar*
- Follow My Twitter @FikaSweetEscape
- Blog about this giveaway and leave the link on the comment box
- Tweet this giveaway with a link to this post and mention @FikaSweetEscape..also leave the link on the comment box

Please leave the comments on a separate box or your entries will not be count as extra entry :)

P.S.S Until the giveaway is closed, I only approve the comment that related to the entries, so it will make me easier to count the entries..
This giveaway will close on June 19th, 2010
Good Luck!! :)

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  1. What a sweet giveaway!

    Oh prewedding photoshoots are awesome! I've always envisioned an open field, full of dandelions, wearing a vintage white and lacy dress. I'll definitely take a pic blowing the dandelions.

    Following u on google and twitter, hun:)


  2. what a giveaway!
    i think i'm not good enough for give a comment about what place that perfect for prewedding photoshoot but i think it's so much better if you take the photoshoot in the place that depend on your favorite thing. example, if you like disney cartoon, it's better if you take the photoshoot in disneyland. and about the outfit and pose, it depends on the place.

    about the giveaway things, my favorite thing is the necklace. it's so pretty cute! but i like the others too :)

    good luck for the prewedding photoshoot, hope you find the place asap :)
    *i've already followed your blog via bloglovin and google
    *followed you twitter
    *blog about this giveaway
    *tweet about this giveaway

    thank you :_

  3. raelly loving this..
    amazing giveaway :D
    my firt time at this blog.. your a very beautiful girl :D

  4. another giveaway!
    my favorite one is the Nefertiti's necklace. very cute!
    i wish i can have it one??

    i have already followed your blog via google and also follow your twitter, just find me @mslostinlove
    i've just mention you about this giveaway.
    i will blog this giveaway to my blog! :)

    i wish i can have Nefertiti's necklace's!


  5. thx for ur sweet comment on my post kak !

    and about the giveaway,
    i'll join it if i have an idea .
    no problem kan kak ?

    wanna follow me ? i'll happy if u don't mind :)

    visit back anytime,

  6. aww giveaway!! I like it hehehe

    Okay, ehm recently I really want a photo shot in a beautiful garden like we're going to have a picnic haha. Having a picnic under the tree, where there are flowers, paper windmills, delicious and yummy cakes all around. I think that sound so fun :D

  7. great headpiece kak :)

    from your outfit, i can see that you are a cheerful person *if i'm not mistaken*. i think you should take prewedding photoshoot at a garden with beautiful flowers on a sunny day. you and your fiance should wear bright color clothes, example white hijab, pink floral maxi dress, white blazer/long sleeves top, and pastel pink wedges for you and white trousers and shirt for your fiance. it will express your happiness. and just wear light and natural make up like orange blush on, eye liner, and light yellow eye shadow . the pose will be like you both are having a picnic

  8. - followed your blog through google account
    - followed your twitter too
    - tweeted this giveaway

  9. Happy blog anniversary.

    I'm a follower via google reader.

    To answer your question: I would love to shoot your prewedding pictorial by the lake with lots of greens and wildflowers around. I will ask you to wear a white flowy dress and your future groom in a white top and a cropped khaki pants. Do you imagine the scene now?

  10. cute stuffs you're giving away there!

  11. Great giveaway and congratulations !
    Well,the best photoshooting I imagine would be like this: you to,in traditional costumes or bride and groom modern costumes on a field,at the sunset.I imagine you running with your veil in the air and deloc running after you , the wind blowing and the sun shining peacefull.

    Hope you'll like my idea,and I hope you'll have a greeeeeeeat photoshoot !

  12. this giveaway.i can dream for awhile.hehe:)

    for the photoshoot,i more to refer for village house.
    u guys wearing gown and tuxedo,like u running from ceremony (in town) to village with happy face and shoot in front of the door of that's house.

    then,wearing kebaya and i dont for boy,(here call baju melayu) inside the house.(like ur life after be married)
    with romantic,sweet, some sweet quarrel, and tease scene.which is in living room,kitchen,bedroom also yard. :)

    that's all I'd dream.hehe:D
    will make extra entries asap ^_^


  13. back again.hehe:)

    i'm post your giveaway on my blog
    and put on sidebar blog.

    already follow u on blog(google)
    follow on twitter too.

    but i dont follow through bloglovin cause i rarely open bloglovin.
    it better follow u through google,cause i can alert expressly when u had update.hehe.:)

    (sorry ya if u hard to understand my english.i think im used worst english.hehe)

  14. yeeeayyy cute giveaway,,,
    enter me please,, heheeh :)
    i'm already your follower at google friend connect


  15. i made a link for your giveaway in my side bar,,
    check it on :


  16. I have never had a preweeding photoshot! I guess you mean to take photos before the wedding... My friend did in the USA. They did on the beach of Malibu, on a street and in a university campus with all the old buildings and grass. I didn´t know you were getting married! Congrats!

    B* a la Moda

  17. Hey ! What a lovely give away : )

    I like your question, to be honest I have no idea, maybe a shoot on the beach with waves and the sun setting behind you or in a huge garden with trees and a view of the mountain- something different : )
    Have a lovely week xxx

  18. beautiful necklace and ring...

    wedding photoshoot.
    ahhh soooooooooo many ideas....

    i would recommend a lot of places in nyc, but there's just too many. i think it's most meaningful to pick a place that has sentimental value to you, somewhere that's special to you personally instead of picking out common wedding getaway places (eg hawaii, maui, etc... ) for me, that would be maybe battery park... i run there a lot.. or the hi-line in chelsea... williamsburg bridge...

    poses? candids are best for wedding photos i find. posey poses are a little annoying...



  19. Hi Kak Fika! Happy birthday to your blog :D Such a lovely giveaway! About the prewedding photoshoot, I'm kinda confused too. Tapi kayaknya kalo di hutan yg pohonnya tinggi2 gtu bagus juga, kesannya jd kyk yg di film Twilight hihi. Well the outfit is the wedding dress right? Pose nya yg romantis2 gtu mantab hahaha. Adu sdikit ngelantur yah tp gpp deh :) Have a nice day kak!

  20. Followed Twitter (@beckyregina)

  21. I've followed your blog through Google!

  22. Tweeted : :D And my email is

  23. Wewwww udah banyak yaaa booo yang udah kasih masukan
    Mmh, ide gw yaa tadi itu booo fhoto di dunia fantasy ajah
    Gantinya disneyland eimmm!! Hahaha
    Truss yaaa ngambil photonya justru jangan kayak di setting
    Buat lah se natural mungkin truus kaya candid candid gituu boo

    Mmmh apaan lagi yaaa, kalo dari segi baju mah
    Pake aja baju gaya lu, si pasangan lu juga ( show the real you are ) yuu mariii

    Bersambung yaa neng, eh iya gw udah follow twitter lo
    Follow balik dunks @botolginie

  24. beautiful necklace looks awesome

  25. pretty ring! and, oh, happy anniversary for you blog.
    umm..prewedding photoshoot. Well, I actually imagine black white images. You and your fiancee lay down while playing chess (or, monopoly, or card, or any games that you both like), wearing casual outfit. black poloshirt and short for your fiancee, and dress plus legging for you. Setting behind is kind of cozy corner, full of black white pillow, tiny stand table with a vas of Sedap Malam. Camera takes the angle from your top, so you both will look like playing game seriously, and don't look at the camera. :)

  26. I've followed your blog, and am gonna to post in my blog soon.

  27. Or since I thought that you both like cinema-ing, I'll suggest home cinema setting. Both of you sit in love couch, one of you is holding popcorn, and the other is drinking soda. there must be lighting, straight to your face, so it seems like you both are watching. :)

  28. didn't i mention it my idea for your wedding photo shoot?

    i'm sure that i hve told you,,

    okayy let me rewrite about my idea,,

    you can hve a photo session when you're doing something challenging,,such as:
    - diving with floral dress at sea world
    - bungeejumping at bali
    - rafting at citarik

    p.s: you need a hepl from the proffesional photographer to get a satisfactory picture

    -hve a nice pre-wed session


  29. follow u through bloglovin.:)

  30. blogwalking, see your blog address from Shatirah Sukri blog, follow you for sure, hope you'll follow mine too... she's right, you have a sweet look...

  31. happy bday for your blog..!
    yaay wedding, I'm sure you're now in a chaotic yet fun preparation.. *I recalled the days of my own wedding prep.. :D

    Prewedding photoshoot is the most fun of the prep, really. In every wedding prep, there'll be tensions between you two, a prewedding photoshoot will ease the tension and make you two closer and bounded like never before..
    Prewedding sama honeymoon sering dianggap sepele, pdhl nanti2nya bakal terus2an jd bahan omongan, klo bete sama pasangan bakal bisa jd reminder of how much you two love each other

    okay, kok jd ngelantur.. now.. my idea for a prewedding photoshoot:
    1. representing a couple of your dream.. your favorite couple from movies, novels, drama, anime, or video games, maybe? :D
    2. the beach is a timeless scene.
    ambil juga di karangnya gitu, klo bisa
    3. something represents your hobby or how you two met.. ini sering dipake sama pasangan2 tapi emang it works!
    ky misalnya aku sama hubby suka bola n ketemu gara2 bola, jd prewed di lapangan bola pake jersey hehe..
    sesuaikan sama kisah kalian aja

    okay, semoga lancar persiapannya y.. ;)
    visit my abandoned (:p) wedding blog, if you like

  32. already followed you on twitter,
    id: coffeecream

    forgot, my email:

  33. already followed you via Google

  34. i think you can work the traditional javanese look with kebaya kak :) you can shoot it at kota tua with becak and stuff :)

  35. Fika darling, congrats on your blog first anniversary!! and actually I get so weak in wedding stuff following wedding preparations stuff like your blog is an addiction to me hahaaha.. soooo excited to see your wedding!!!

    as for my prewed idea, I don't know if you would like this sort of uncommon idea but I gotta give it a shot right? hahahaha I will give you two options as a spare if you find the first idea kinda weird, but I AM loving it though.

    you and delon are in the MASK PARTY! you go with a glorious victorian dress and of course delon with his tux. since it's a party you need a crowd to help you as background, but of course you two would be the center of attention, with those crowd become blurry or sort of that. With grand chandelier, high wine glass and a grandeur mask. You know what I mean right. It's like a grand ball in classy european style. But as I said before it is very uncommon to add crowd of people in your pre-wed photo hahaha...

    That's why I come up with OTHER IDEA, a more 'normal' one :D.
    not so normal since my background of education hates 'normal' idea hahaha. This has been my dream pre-wed too. A MYSTICAL JAVANESE ambience. You and delon wear a traditional javanese look (kebaya set). Your kebaya will be attached with an ultra-long tail (full payet) like Roro Jonggrang or Roro Kidul kind of dress. Your hijab will be made of some light cloth that could easily blown with the wind. Your photoshoot will take place in bromo sandy ground with naked feet so you can feel the sandy tingle. A greyish sky would great to support the mystical idea. It's like javanese god and goddess. Gosh it would be greaaaatt!!!!

    hahahahha there goes my extremely long answer :D

    as additional
    - blogpost-ed about it

    - followed your blog (via google connect) and your twitter account

    - tweet-ed

    now I am crossing all the fingers I have on me to get those yummy pieces!!!


  36. MY EMAIL

  37. ide prewed : foto kaya peterpan and tinkerbell aja, di hutan2/taman2 gitu..

    happy anniversary!

  38. nice giveaway ka fika, maaf ya baru sempat bls,aku bru buka blog lagi :)

  39. looks interesting kak :)

    i've changed my links,

    sooo just visit me here:

    Hello to the World

  40. Fikaaaa!
    super-excited about joining this giveaway! and congratulation for your blog anniversary yaaaaa :D :D :D

    well, my concept is you and Delon in the beach. worn your summer-outfit! You wear a maxi dress (of course in hijab style), and Delon wears a T-shirt and Shorts. just wear your most-comfort outfit! wear a bright maxi dress, with spaghetti-strap! I imagined a scene where you and delon are playing in the sand, laughing and throwing sand each other. you both sat with a sand castle :D :D waaaaaaaaa :D :D

    i don't know why, but i think i really love the idea about capturing you both in laughing scene! hehehehe

    by the way, for extra entries :D
    - Have followed your blog via Google Friends Connect :D and since I don't know anything about Bloglovin, is it enough for me to follow your blog via GConnect?
    - Have Followed your twitter :D
    - Have posted about this giveaways on my blog :
    - Have posted about this giveaways on my twitter :D (

    thanks Fikaaaaa! *kiss!

  41. kak fika selamat yaaaa blog nya udah 1 tahun hehe :)

    klo menurut aku pake gaya vintage aja kayaknya lucu deh kk pake simple dress putih trs pasangan kk pake yg gaya vintage gitu, tempatnya di dufan, di carousel, merry go round dll , trs ada yg sambil bawa balon juga fotonya hihi :)

    btw read my new post ya kak! :D there's a nice video on my blog, hope you gonna like it hehehe

  42. Congrats on the anniversary! I love that headband!

  43. im tweet here :)

  44. I've already followed your twitter account. Mine named @deladacrea.

    and, oh. My email address is

  45. I've tweeted!

  46. Oh I see, iya aku inget hahaha cool! wah kamu mau married ya, congrats. karena aku sering stylist buat fashion photoshoot, byk lho tempat2 seru buat foto misalnya di Segaraa Ancol, resto Bibliotechque di Gd. Sampurna, Sinou Kafe di Panglima Polim juga seru, hehe outfit bisa yang kasual, yang fun dan young.

    Tapi kalo ide seru, I always dream to make a prewed photoshoot underwater. Bisa di kolam renang or Laut, tapi najnya ttp baju biasa bukan pakai diving gear... it must be cool hahaha
    you can reach me on for any fashion project or creative idea...

    g'luck dear...

  47. great giveaway fikaa.. :)

    wanna join PhieGarage's giveaway, check : PhieGarage's Giveaway

    you're in there too,, :D

  48. ka fikaa , happy birthday for ur blog ! :D
    how about use a traditional javanese clothes like batik , it's classic but still adorablee :D I'm agree with ka michelle from glister blister :D or you can take a sophisticated theme ? :)

  49. what a lovely headband

    Prawedding photohot, I chose Kota Tua for your prawedding's place. kota tua is a unique place, you can take some picture at the old museum or you can take some pics with Sepeda ontel, it will be awesome photo, next maybe you also take some pics at Kebun Raya Bogor. back to nature ...
    Okay I guess if you take a photo at Kota tua you and your couple can wear a kebaya or batik dress, these outfit so traditional and can add a traditional effect on your photo.
    and if you want to take photo at Kebun raya Bogor you can wear a Floral dress, don't forget to add a headband or a beautiful hat. You will more gorgeous with a natural make up.

    I've followed your blog via google and bloglovin

    I've followed ur twitter too

    I've tweet this giveaway

    I already blog this giveaway on my blog too

    my email :

    with LOVE

  50. good luck with the giveaway and your wedding!
    can't wait to see the pictures.. :D


  51. Hello Fika,

    Congratulations for your giveaway post! I want to join this!

    Btw, me and Sara Josephine from a day to remember are arranging blogger meet up for next week.

    I hope you're interested in blogger meet up.
    For more information, click:

  52. I love to be the part of this one. This idea honestly is what i want to do later on when i have my marriage, but share it with you some will be great, i guess ;p

    It must be perfect if the prewed photoshoot consists of 3 themes, about your 1st date, lovelife after it, and the times before your marriage.

    On your 1st date theme, it must be cute if you and kak delon wear the simple+cute+colorful outfit that can show that you're the young couple who's really in love. You may take the picts in the playground. The pose, maybe you can act like you're playing hide and seek or whatever.
    Then for the "lovelife after it" theme, you can take the picts that show your habitual activity with kak delon through these 7 years relationship. Maybe you like to watch movies, play soccer together, etc. The outfit is depending on the activity that you choose for sure.
    And the last one is "the times before the marriage" theme. You should wear your wedding gown or the traditional costume of your marriage, but take the picts with the funny pose, although the outfit is official (e.g.: You act like you're pinching or punching kak delon and vise versa) It may take place in kota tua (maybe) or beach is cooler i think :)

    That's all for me, hope my idea's inspiring you a lot.

  53. thx for visiting my blog

    iya beli yuuk.biar kembaran kita:)

    hey,u just visitd my blog but u forget to follow me..
    follow me pls:)
    thx dear

  54. about your pre-wedding photo shoot,
    i think maybe you should mix something modern to a rural one. as we know our country is mostly rural, so i think it'd be great for you to take your pre-wedding photo-shoot in a rural place, like, wet rice field?

    di sawah, atau di farm (note ; pick a clean one) show that you and your fiancee are getting closer to nature. the pose could be watching the sunset ( kalo di pantai kan udah biasa, ini di sawah)
    trus ambil foto kalian berdua lagi berkuda di farm, duduk di pematang sawah, tunjukin wajah bahagia lari-lari di lapangan hijau peternakan (pake blower biar lebih keren)

    i always wanna mix something. because i think, mixing is the only way to get unique. :p

  55. i tweeted about your giveaway here

  56. i followed your twitter! my user name is blondelustlass

  57. kak fika kalau menurut dinda kk pakai tema cinta indonesia aja kak
    misalnya kk pakai batik modern,fotonyaa dpinggir pinggir jalan yg indonesia banget!
    apalagi lagi dinner makanannya makanan khas indonesia :)
    kalau bisa barang" yg dipake dari atas mpe bawah asli buatan indonesia
    dan make up nya jangan lupa produksi indonesia ;)
    jadi ntar foto prawedding kk bisa kk liatin ke anak kk kelak bahwa kita mesti tetap mencintai indonesia.haha
    maaf kak gk bisa ngasi ide banyak
    tapi menurut dinda wajib melestarikan semua yg ad di indonesia karena indonesia bagus banget!!!!!!!!dari pakaian daerah makanan bahasa dan lain lain ;)

    *semoga ak kepilih deh :))

  58. i wanna follow this giveaway! as soon as possible i will (:

    postingankuu sebelumnya jg ada yg ttg wedding loh.. hehe

    *happy blog anniversary anw

  59. aku buka online shop di fb
    menjual berbagai macam perhiasan, anting,kalung,gelang,cincin

    visit, add as friend dan selamat berbelanja
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  60. hello kak fika! maaf rada telat nih ikutan giveaway nya haha

    hmm kalau soal prewedding photoshoot i think it is better to find what you two are interested in so it really represent you two

    but my idea is taking photos in the street. well, a road represent your journey and it is taken at night.
    use natural light from street light or extra diffused flash for the lighting effect
    firstly do with the crowded jakarta road (somewhere near thamrin with glimmering city lights)
    probably with bundaran hi as your backgroud
    then find place like outdoor cafe in a building (indochine fx, social house) for a dinner scene
    then find an empty street or graffiti wall

    just wear casual outfit.
    a tiered dress for you
    jeans and hi-top sneakers for your fiance.
    makes this looks fun young and urban. some candid shots will do too

    all the best for your prewedding! :) xoxo

  61. -i follow through google friend connect
    - i am a follower of your twitter
    - tweet about the giveaway

  62. salam kenal:) ikutan kuisnya aaah siapa tau menang! hihi:p

    usul aku,
    mbak ceritanya lagi nyetir mobil mogok, trus cowoknya lagi ngedorong mobilnya. fotonya dari samping, kalo bisa mobilnya mobil tua, jadi fotonya gaya jadul gt, hitam putih. Gayanya yang lucu yaa:)
    makna dari foto itu:
    moga2 mbak sama calon mbak sekarang slalu bisa bersama-sama menghadapi ujian dan tantangan yang ada terutama stelah nikah entar ya mbak..

    oiya bajunya juga yang vintage ya mbak. Lokasi tempat fotonya menurut aku bisa di pinggir jalan yang banyak gedung tua-nya, atau boleh juga malah kayak di tengah2 hutan gt:)

    slamat ya mbaaak! salam kenal..;) suksess!

  63. something popped out from my mind:

    how if you wearing the astronout's outfit and delon wearing the alien's outfit while he propose you with some flowers! ahaha that will be something cute right?

    but there is another idea running out from my brain as well:

    how about the 80's school days? wearing those checked skirts, and delon wearing something jadul like the suspender with a high waist pants? and high socks? + a big big glasses on him! and you can wear fake braces with big specs as well! or maybe you can be the teacher right? a student fell in love with the religion teacher?


    will I be invited? ahahhaa

    xx goodluck!
    *I am crossing fingers and sorry for the too long comment

  64. Phew I'm glad I can catch up this giveaway :D

    hihihi actually i'm dreaming this for my own photoshoot:

    1. A picture of you and Delon crossing the street. You come from the left and he comes from the right side... Many many people involved (crossing the street), but all is black and white, except you and Delon

    2. Still crossing the street, you two are getting closer and look at each other, just like fall in love at the first sight

    3. A photo of you and Delon laughing, doing your hobbies (maybe eating ice cream or drinking juice at the cafe)

    4. A picture showing your hands in engagement ring

    hmmmh how nice...
    *just my opinion hehehe*

  65. I really wanna join your giveaway but i have no idea what to answer, hehe

    come come to my blog -->

  66. Ide saya ya nih kak, foto-foto a la India - Arab, lokasinya di tempat syutingnya AAC yg di Jakarta Pusat, lupa nama tempatnya. Dulu foto buku tahunan SMA aku disitu, jadi keren deh!


  67. happy blog first anniversary dear :D

    actually i still in senior high school and not yet thinking about wedding. haha.

    but i like a daily photo shoot for you consep.
    i mean it's like your daily life with your boyfriend
    how you meet. what place you like to go with him. what favorite food drinks or do you imagine some place where you want to go with him someday? i think you can take picture over there. maybe you think it's not special. but i swear it's very sweet.

    i can said that because i just get inspiration for axioo. have you ever known about axioo?
    you will get a many inspiration for your prawedding photo shoot. i swear, it very nice!

    good luck for your pra wedding photo shoot :D

  68. Helloo :)
    How about you wear a dress in pastel color and your boy where a tux and then your photoshoot will be held in a rocky place with a river down there. Aku pernah ke Citumang daerah pangandaran, itu objek wisata gitu masih sepi mirip-mirip green canyon. Ada sungai kak yg airnya jernih bgtttt terus banyak batu-batu yg bisa dijadiin tempat foto. Jadi temanya outdoor river tapi tetep pretty pake long heavy dress. The strike pose is you and your boy are laughing together while holding hands. Hehehe just my opinion.

  69. -i already have followed you
    -i posted your giveaway in my blog. check it:
    -and the last i already tweet and mention you.

    thank you.

  70. wedew,,
    pake bahasa DEWA semuah.

    gak ngertiiiii

    huhuhuhuhu T_T


    tp ogut sih ngidamnya... foto @ eropaH! uhuy ;)

  71. hello! i don't have a blog anymore, but i can still join this grawsome (great and awesome) giveaway, right? ;) i really like the tulle headband!

    gimana kalo tempatnya di sekolah sma kalian dulu? tempat kalian pertama bertemu? bajunya gimana kalo seragam sma? hahaha kan sekalian mengenang gitu..... but you still wearing the hijab....

    the pose? mungkin dengan kalian berangkulan, cowonya ngeliatin kak fika sambil ketawa, terus ka fika ketawa tapi jangan liat kamera hehe

    that's all.....
    hope this will help you :)

    PS: *i've blogged this giveaway: /2010/06/sweet-escapes-giveaway.html

    *i've followed your blog

    sorry, i don't have any twitter acccount so i can't follow your twitter or tweet it.. sorry :(

  72. - Followed your blog through Google Friends COnnect
    - Blog about this giveaway (I will tell you the link below this comment)
    - Followed your twitter
    - Tweet about this giveaway and mention you

    My idea of your prewedding photoshoot is:
    The photos are about the story how you meet your boyfriend. Remember where you first met him, and what did you do in that time. Next, where did your boyfriend ask you to become his girlfriend. Next, the other photos are about how did you spend time with him, where did you go, what did you do (example: You play "Play Station" or "Wii" with him in a house, and your photographer makes your picture becomes meaningful, and you have a natural expression. And finally, the photo is about your boyfriend propose you to marry him. Where it happened and make sure your photographer can make it conceptual and meaningdful.

    I hope I can win your giveaway
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  73. The link of my blog post about your giveaway is:

    Oh btw about the outfit, you should wear an outfit which is elegant, and cute. But not too much. And the pose, you should look very natural, for example is when you are laughing naturally. And you hold your boyfriend's hands :)

    my e-mail:

  74. Prewedding one.
    I am so excited with wedding, and i am thinking about traditional one.
    As Indonesia has a lot of culture, with lots of tribes, i think you can take lot of shoots with various type. Both of you (you and your BF) can pick some culture that suits you well :)
    The place is TMII ! :)
    Lots of traditional house there, :)
    Also, both of you can use traditional costume.
    The pose, must be the suitable with the culture :)
    Hope my idea suits you well :)

  75. i am already your follower :)

    and i also add your twitter.
    mine is @pintaliztiirene
    please follow back dear :)


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