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Do I Look Weird?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why I asked that on the title? becoz when I went to mall last weekend to watch Kick-Ass with Delon, some people were stared at me and make me thing "is there something wrong with what I wore?" hahaha

I realized that I pick a wrong color of shoes..the pink color is different with my dress color..and I know that I should just wear black shoes than pink shoes, don't you think so?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[Dress - Garage Store/ Blazer - Thrifted/ Veil - Mom's/ Belt - Only I/ Unbranded Legging/ Shoes - Nabila's]

and I wanna show you my rings!! :D
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[LOVE Ring - Forever 21/ Engagement Ring/Audrey Ring - Phie Garage]
*Thanksss phie for the ring..I love it :)*

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
*please mind my ugly fingers :p*

Anw, if you see my previous post, I said that my rings are from Posh Boutique..Some of you were asking where is Posh Boutique..Actually, Posh Boutique is my online shop at Friendster two years ago and it's already close..and those rings are some of the stuffs that no one want to buy, so I (and also Nabila) decided to wear them :p..I'm so sorry coz I can't tell you where I get those rings from..It's a company secret ;)..hahaha

I also wanna say hai to my new follower..thankss a lot for following me..coz I know who am I to make you all following me..I send you my warm hug from here :)

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thankss a lot!!

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  1. hahaa yes, maybe black shoes are better but it's okay, you still look gorgeous :)

  2. fika.i dont something wrong somewhere with your outfit.hehe.
    but i like it's.i think it's better than your wear black shoes.^_^
    and cute dress.i like i like i like.
    and love LOVE ring too!hehe.:D


  3. aww u look cute ka.. lovely polka dress

  4. you're not weird kak :)
    i love yor dress, its very cute :)

  5. yey! ketemu yaa ringnya? :DDDD we're mates!


  6. You look fine my dear! Gorgeous actually, I think they're just not used to seeing polkadots:P


  7. Me too. I don't see something wrong with your outfit. Looks cute. Fashion is always being different from the other. You've got your own style. Don't be affraid coz everyone is unique. :)

    Flickering Moonlight

  8. Hello kak fika! You look okay but it's better to wear black shoes hihihi. But still i love your outfit

  9. darling,linked ya!
    gorgeous style u hv :)

  10. not that weird actually..
    love the rings!
    thanks for the comment :D

  11. you look uber cute!
    visit my blog,
    love, vdcouture

  12. you didn't look weird at all. In fact, you look FAB! =))

    hugs and kisses,
    Fashion Fantasy Land

  13. yes, black might be better but it isn't that bad. I believe people wouldn't notice it that much.

    maybe, they stare at you because you are too fab to be true :D

  14. nice love ring..
    hei,,ur link was done..
    checdk on it..wanna follow each other??if u dont mind..

  15. Maybe they are not used to seeing a pretty and stylish girl walking around the mall. Your dress is so pretty. xoxo

  16. may be they're jealous with you, because you still look sooo stylish with you hijab
    yes i think black shoes better. hihi

    XD nathalie

  17. yeah, kak you should wear black shoes i think heehehe. but, you look fabs at all!

    have a new post and please leave a comment yaaa


  18. Like your blog!!
    See my newest post : a day with joyful

    Twitter : caramel_manda
    Bloglovin' : ice creamy world

  19. we have the same ring kak.. ehehehe but my boyfie doesnt like that ring, he told me not to hold my fist whenever i put it on.. hahahaha!
    btw i think the outfit is good but every piece will work out better if the hemline of the dress is much shorter and if you had opted for tights instead of leggings.. hehehe

  20. I don't think so. matching is so last year, isn't it? your look is so gorgeous!! XD

  21. nonono, you aren't weird kak. you're cool, you always have a great color combination <3

  22. i love your polka dot dress kak !!

    have a great weekend !

  23. you look SO lovely!!! I love your rings and your dress.

  24. Fika.. cincinnya lucu bngt! hahaha.. iya, kalo gw mgkn lbh prefer black shoes.. hahaha, mgkn krna gw gak berani main warna gitu kali ya. hahaha. but still look nice with the pink shoes. =)
    okay, i'll vote for you.. ;)

  25. I don't think you look weird. That color is great on you. However, people stare at me all the time. Maybe I'm not the best person to ask.

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  27. i think i love it kak :)
    wearing hijab and look fashionable is amazing!
    don't know why< as a moslem< I feel proud of you :))

  28. What a pretty dress - love the polka dots :)

    Luv, Friend in Fashion

  29. yep, i think you should wear black shoes :) btw your dress is cute :)

    come come to my blog -->

  30. hallo, salam kenal yah cc :)
    yang di femaledaily bukan?
    cincinnya lucu-lucu deh :D



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