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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gosh, it's been soooo long since my last post in this blog..I've been missed it a lot..
I know I'm such a bad blogger..I even don't have time to do blogwalking and reply your comment :(..I'm soo sorry for that..I feel soo bad about that, I'll try my best to catch up with your blog..I do really appreciate every single comment that you leave in my post :)

If you were the follower of @FikaSweetEscape, maybe you already know that I'm quite different now :)..Yuup, in the early of this month I decided to wear a hijab or, you wont see me with my hair again..LOL

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I've been thinking to wear it from a couple years ago..but I keep hesitate and think that I'm not ready yet to wear it..but then, after a loooooong thought, I woke up in a sunday morning of May and I just said to my mom that I want to borrow her veil because I wanna wear it from now on..I haven't prepared anything before..I wear my mom's veil and just try to mix and match all the clothes that I have..But of course I'll find some new clothes soon!! :D

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I still learning on how to wear a hijab and still look fashionable ;)
Hope you like my new look :D

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What I wore:
[Maxi dress - Online Shop/ Unbranded long black tee/ Mom's Veil/ Belt - Zara/ Shoes - Casedgy/ Necklace - Gift From My dearest friend, Lanie]

This new look means I have to change my header too :(..Soo sad..I really like the header from Tia..
The problem now is I can't make a header..I'm bad at editing *a really really bad*..I even can't operate the photoshop..
maybe, anyone would like to make a new header for me? ;) hahahahaha

P.S. Sorry for the low quality pic..I took it with my blackberry because My sis, Nabila, bring the camera to Bandung last weekend..hahaha

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  1. yes ka u still look fashionable and more pretty and cuttie..

  2. Nice kak, oh jdi hijab tuh artiny berjilbab y? I see"
    Jdi kliatan lbih mature kak :)

    oxox, djhanq

  3. Hi there Ka Fika. You look awesome with the hijab. Congrats. :))

    feel free to check my blog..

  4. I really like your mom's veil.I think women who are wearing this thing on their heads look more misterious and to me , more beautiful :)

    And you did a great job at mixing clothes to match your veil.The maxi dress really makes you look taller !

  5. hai kak fika!

    wah keputusan yang mulia kak :)
    brarti da pake tudung ga bole pake baju kayak sleeveless gitu donk ka?
    tapi memang bener sih kakak pake begini juga nampak stylish tetep!
    coba aja pake more legging or long pencil skirt!


  6. i think u still look cute despite the fact that you're now wearing a jilbab kak :)
    i hope you'll find stylish ways of wearing a jilbab ! i know you can :) :)
    maybe try clashing the colors ??
    ..idk.. its a suggestion really..

  7. You look so pretty and stylish in Hijab.. I love it so much.. :))

  8. look beautiful in that blue dresss :)
    have a great day kak Fika!

  9. aww cantik loh say :)
    re : ahhh tau sendiri fik di tv mah jam kerjanya acakadut wkwkwkw.. aku di produksi :P
    iya ayuuuuk kita ketemuan yahhh!

  10. good choice, fika! i'm glad you wear hijab now and you still look fab anyway =D

  11. Awwww youre so pretty Fikaa!and you still look fashionable in Hijab style! I hope i could be just like you soon! Waaaaaa love it Fikaaa :D *since you never wore anything without tights,or legging or pants, yes!you still have many clothes to be worn with your hijab :D

  12. waaaa sudah dipakaiii! bagus loh fik pake baju ini, iya pake hijab tapi msh fashionable. gw salut sama org yg pake hijab and still looking fashionable. tantangan baru dalam hidup yah, hehehe. good luck yah fik!

  13. you still look beautiful :) loveee it!!

  14. u look so different but u pretty too in hijab:) and still fashionable! :)


  15. you still looks fashionable fika :) , oh gw jadi ngerti deh kenapa waktu itu nanyain ol shop yg jual maxi dress ya,hehe..
    LOVE, beauty splashes

  16. Waaah fikaaaa... cantik dhe pake jilbab! I love the maxi dress .. mulai beli2 baju and jilbab baru dongg.. hehehe. =)
    Thanks for the comment ya.. iya keknya kemaren aku pake baju itu, terlihat seperti wanita hamil, abiz gak ada potongan di pinggangnya. hihihi. have a nice day! ;)

  17. tetep cantik , Kak pake jilbab. you look mature and great.
    ayoo kak, pasti tetep stylish deh ;p
    have a great day

  18. stju bgt, pk hijab ttp bs fashionable bgt gt. Tp kaget sh pas prtma kali dngr dr febri kl kakak mau jual brg"ny. Maxi dressny bgs dehh. Love the pattern

    XD nathalie

  19. nice dress, it's match with you..

    setelah bongkar2, yg gw temuin tuh,, poto2 loe pada nunduk semua(dominan),,

    napa yah?

  20. hello Fika,
    u're still pretty and stylish even you wear a hijab :)

  21. you are still looking gorgeous Fik :)..selamat yaa...and I become more excited seeing the next look of you in hijab :)

    btw I would love to make a header for you..just tell me what kind of header do you want :)

  22. I believe you still look so gorgeous and fashionable even with your head veil. And I love the maxi dress you're wearing. xoxo

  23. cute....
    lucu banget kalau pake jilbab.
    beautiful too.

    with LOVE

  24. ka fika, selamat ya udah berani ambil keputusan pake jilbab :)
    dan yang pastinya tetep stylish and cantik.

  25. Oh my God, congratulation!!! I mean it, semoga bisa terus pakai, dan bisa terus istiqomah.. ;)

  26. Hello! WOW, I was surprised with the hijab decision. I would love to understand more the reasons why you decided to wear it. I feel very curious and want to learn more. Plese, write me an email or I will. :))

    B* a la Moda

  27. hi.. can't recognize you immediately but I'm sure I've seen you before.. of course, now you have a new look now! :D
    lovely, Alhamdulillah.. ;)
    I look forward to your posting

  28. Kak fika kereen!
    aku pengen pake dari dulu masih belom berani hehe
    great kak! I believe you can make hijab looks stylish on you :)

  29. Wow..
    The theme is islamic for female!!

    Btw, want u to exchange link with me?
    Just mail me :

    twitter : caramel_manda

  30. hello kak fika.
    you look more beautiful, seriously :]
    and I think you're still stylish.

    heart ya ♥ amanda

  31. wow, a huge step i must say and yes, you look fabulous with or without the veil :):)

    Cupcake vs Stiletto

  32. waaa,, ttp cantik and fashionable kq km dear... :)

    good luck sll buat wedding palling nyaa ya..


  33. wow i love your dress!

    High street + Couture =

  34. wow lovely maxi dress :)
    you looks wonderful

  35. Hi kak Fika :D
    thanks for your nice comment and your advice for me :)
    you;re wearing hijab now! you still look so pretty and more beautiful

  36. first, thanks for the comment. I sometimes write down where I get my stuffs, but not in all posts. But sure thanks for the advice, I'll do it more often.

    and secondly, wow congratulations on the decision! it's a big decision all muslim girls have to go through in life, right? :)

    you still look as great and i'm sure you'll find new fashion pieces and come up with new looks with the veil! i wish you luck, fika :)

    enjoy your weekend :D

  37. i love your blazer below hihihih
    mind to follow and xchange link?

    xoxo kelly

  38. love your new look.. we could all use some change :) :)

  39. hi dear it was so nice to meet you
    thanks for your sweet comment yaaa
    you look wonderful with hijab kak :D

  40. Great appearance! Hijab and keep stylish, I love girls who say that! x)

    Your blog is lovely.. I'm following :)
    Please visit mine and follow if you like ;)

    Have a nice day!

  41. Waaaa Alhamdulillaaah :)
    Congratulation fika :) seneng deeh liat new look nyaa :)

    Hihi baby-girl? boy atau baby girl aku pengen duaduanya kok :D :D

    Hayuuuk kita belajar samasamaaa :)
    Btw,sukaa deh stylenya :) warnanya jg strong n mature bgt :) :) d tambah beltnya zara jd lebih stylish :)

  42. love ur maxi dress especially the studded zara belt really cool(^^)


  43. you look fab kak :) i loove your studded belt :D

    visit me,

    curious and marvelous

  44. haha its okay fika, we can meet again in another meet up :)
    yeah, black and red is always perfect! thanks for your sweet comment!

    xoxo, bee ♥

  45. fika, you still look gorgeous even with jilbab :) time to make some experiments and we'll be waiting for more updates!

  46. wow wat an admirable decision coming from someone so young! keren fik!
    u look lovely and don't worry it won't hinder ur fashion sense at all. ur style is withing YOU : )

    ps i wish i could make u a header but its so close to exam n i gotta study...hiks

  47. Hello Fika,
    Love your sytle.
    I am new in fashion blogging and need some advices. Check out my blog if you don't mind.


  48. Aww, we'll miss your hair but you still look as sweet as ever! I'm sure you will find different ways to jazz up your outfits with the headscarf now:)


  49. love to see you like this. i just want to say congrats for " the great hidayah " such a difficult way to get it. i salute you, dear fika. Keep Istiqomah ya. <3333. and.. loving your maxi dress. =**

  50. Girl, thanks a lot for the explanation.

    B* a la Moda

  51. sayang! aku pertama gax ngeh loh! hehehe! sekarang kamu berjilbab ternyata ! hihihhi :)
    love ur shoes sayang! :)

  52. nice decision :D I salute you anw, just find ur fashion blog today.
    would u mind exchanging link w/ me?
    my blog is still fresh from the inspiration =)


  53. kak fika ttp stylish eve u're wearing jilbab now ;D

    veren .a little princess.

  54. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog :) wow you know what, you still look fab with hijab! you look gorgeous with those maxi dress, fika. and I cant wait to see your upcoming post :D


  55. wah it is a great commitment kak fika. wearing jilbab but keep stylish :)
    jgn lupa jaga kesehatan despite the busy working hours okay

  56. ka fika so nice to met u
    btw u look so cute with ur hijab
    nice long dress ka
    love it

  57. I like it!! Hope it will be a very good blog.
    O, I've posted about Back To Childhood and Sweetie Sticker zone

    Ice Creamy World
    Twitter : caramel_manda

  58. Much more beautiful with your jilbab.
    I wrote about the reason i wear jilbab in my blog too.
    Please read it if you don't mind :)

  59. Fikaaaaa :D
    I'm so happy to see your new look..
    InsyaAllah keputusan ini bawa kebaikan ^^

    hihi gapapa kok headernya diganti... kan 'wajah'nya udah ganti :D

  60. wah,,sekarang kamu udah pakai kerudung tohh...
    pantesan kayaknya familiar mukanya ternyata kamu toh...hheheheh

  61. owh kak, kakak cantik pake jilbab..
    salam kenal ya kak..
    aku silmy..
    follow aku di @silmykaaffah ya kak

  62. salam kenal..
    U Look Great with that blue maxi dress.
    sama nii qta senasipp.. aku juga baru pake jilbab, baru bgt abis lebaran ini..

    pokonyaa pake jilbab n tetap look fashonable ya.. :D


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