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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hey Girls!! For you fashion blogger who live in Jakarta, Indonesia, or have a plan to go to Jakarta on Friday, January 22nd..
are you interested to come to B'Girl of The Year 2010 event??
The event will held in UpperRoom 12th floor, Annex Building Wisma Nusantara Complex and start on 6 p.m.There will be a performance by Zigaz and Sherina, and of course the 40 Contestants b'girl! of the year 2010 :)

I need 20 people to add on the guest list..if you were interested to come, you can leave a comment or just email me to before Sunday, Jan 17th, 2010 :)..
thanksss girls!!


Anw, I just got an award from a young fashion blogger Tysha from Tysha Lukman's Mannequin !! She's such a sweet girl and I'm sure she will be a great fashion blogger :)..Just visit her blog if you haven't :)

(write or paste these to your blog, answer it with ur answers)

1. Give thanks to whom it gives you: Thanksss a lot Tyshaa!! smoooch youuu <333

2.Name and an author you love: Paulo Coelho, J.K. Rowling, Meg Cabot, and Sophie Kinsella

3.If applicable, name an author who highlights: same as tysha, I don't know what does this question means..I'm soo sorry :(..maybe you can enlighten me ;)

4. Books you love: Alchemist!!* I love that novel sooo much* and of course the series of Harry Potter..I also love to read some comics and magazine

5. Something that always excites you:'s a hard question!! many thing can make me I said on my previous post I'm sooo excited to meet you girls from blogging world!! and I think shopping also an exciting thing too..who doesn't like shopping anw? ;)

6. Something you hate: hmmmm..I must say smoke!! I don't hate people who smoke *my dad used to smoke too*, but I don't like it when they smoke around me..hehe

7. Pass it on to 7 blogs:

Talisha from .ribbony boo. *you do look like a princess dear ;)*
Susan from 5 Minutes of Fame
Veren from a little princess
Stella from stellectism
and Jasna from FashionJazz

Please take your award dear :)


Don't Forget to Check on my previous Post!!
I do really need a feedback from you all ;)
thankss before
as usual, just a reminder :)
don't forget to follow my twitter @FikaSweetEscape

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  1. Thanks sweety! Will answer this on a bit!

  2. hei...
    i'm really really interested to come..
    i hope i'm a lucky of 20 guest list.
    thank you...


  3. oh how i wish i live in jakarta :(

    eh, i love alchemist too! in fact my wallpaper desktop is a quote from the alchemist :)


  4. Sounds like a great event! Congratulations on the award!! I too hate when people smoke around me! I'm that obnoxious friend who waves the smoke around in front of my face so they know not to blow it by me! :)

  5. Hey sweetie,

    Congrats on the award!!

    I've added you to my blogroll and am gonna follow you! Hope to see you on my blog too:)


  6. i lve your paded dress so much ka :)
    sorry for my super duper late comment,
    im busy with uas wish me luck for the assessment ya ka :)
    kiss arin

  7. kak fika, i've read ur tweet
    bsa gag msen dlu, soalny tkutny ak ad TO,
    followed u on twitter,
    follow me back ya twitter/djhanq
    thankies :))

  8. I just saw ur comment, thanks so much for the award hun! I luv it and I will announce it on my next post on Friday evening. Have a stunning day and congrats for ur award as well!! : ) xx

  9. hey kak, thanks for the sweet word u wrote about me on this post :))

  10. @ candy: you're welcome :)

    @ sii miemi: do you really wanna come? you'll be on the 20 guest list then ;)

    @ devishanty: just come to jakarta dev!! haha..which quote dear??

    @ wreckedstellar: thankss :)..glad to meet people who hate smoke too..haha

    @ Sher: thankss dear :)..I already add you on my blogroll and follow you as well :)

    @ arin: it's okey dear!! sure,,I wish you all the best for that :)

    @ djhanq: bisa ks kabar plg telat senin yaa :)..I'll follow you back :)

    @ Fashionjazz: sure!! have a stunning day too!! :)

  11. Congrats on the award :)

  12. Wowwwww,how I wished I could have gone for the upcoming event! Ahhhhh,hmm maybe next time you can let me know in much advance time and I will surely make it down there. Catch a plane and fly down heeee

    Congrats on your award and I too don't quite like people who smokes.

  13. congrats on the award kak fika :D
    and as for the event thing.. i'll post it up on my blog too yah later..

    thanks for the lovely comments darling.
    appreciate the time you took to visit my blog !
    keep posting up great inspirations..
    x. Michelle..
    glisters and blisters :D

  14. Hmmm.. I'd love to attend, but I think I'll be working that day.. ^_^

    Anyway, do you work in B'Girl? Just curious.. :P

  15. congrats on the award kak..
    hehee..u're a fabulous fashion blogger kak,u're so inspired me...

  16. fika, thank you udah mengundang para bloger, ayoo dong pada dateng kalo kata invitation jaman gw SD bunyi nya gini " kehadiran kalian sangat kami nantikan" hehehehe...

  17. hello girl, i'm tara ( male blogger ) i'm really really really really really interested to come B'girl of the year 2010. Add me on your guest list , please...

  18. aww thank you for the award kak, I will do it asap :]


  19. @ Nathalie: thankss dear :)

    @ Valencia: haha..why don't you just booked a ticket and come to the event ;)..hihi

    @ Michelle: sure dear :)

    @ Nadia: nope,I'm not wokring in B'Girl ;)

    @ sii miemi: can't you email me and send me your contact number?coz I can't open your blog :(

    @ novi:'re just too much dear..I'm soo flattered!! thankss anw :)

    @ Harajuku: haha..ini lagi diundang smua ki..haha

    @ Tara: sure! I'll add you on the guest list..can you email me your contact it will be easier for me to contact you..

    @ Susan: you're welcome susan :)

  20. yes, i was email u...
    and sorry for the blog because i protect it for a while..
    btw my email address is lalasyalala35 ya ka..

  21. hey tika, i was email u, this is your email address right : , my email address is

  22. @ sii miemi: yess,,I already received you email and put you on the guest list :)

    @ tara: I haven't got any email from you..and yes,that was my email..


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