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Pinky in my room!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I was tagged by onic to post 7 pink colored stuff in my room :)
actually it's an easy tag coz I have many stuff in pink colored..
No No No..I'm not a pinkaholic..yeaah, maybe I've been there before but not anymore..
my fave color always changing time to time :D

Ok,,let's start with pink color in my room!!

this is my 'brand new' closet..actually this is an old closet, but I had a carpenter to renew it..
just so you know this closet is about 19 years old (same like my sister age :D)..

a pink curtain right beside my bed :)

Both nail polishes are pink..but dunno why the one on the right more look like red than pink..actually it's pink fuchsia.

some comics and magazines in pink..Did you notice it? my blanket also in pink..haha

My new cottonink shawl!! I really love the color from the first time I saw it :D

This is my first gift from Delon :)..yess,,He gave me this pillow on my 16th birthday on July 2002!! this pillow always accompany me every night ;)
And this is my latest bday gift from Delon :D..He gave me this on my 23rd bday last july..This is my fave parfum so far!! I love it very muuuuch!!

I have such a great Boyfriend..haven't I??hehe
I just feel so lucky so have him in my life..

and now is time for me to tag other 7 girls..these are the girls!!
.ribbony boo.
live this world without any single brain
Regina's Coffee Shop
Antara DSC
queer queen

I think I'll still go with pink colored!! so please share 7 pink colored stuff in your room :) :)

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  1. well done fika :D
    and i envy your huge closet!

  2. oh!
    i love all the pink stuff

  3.'re wrong nic..that's not my own closet!! I shared it with my little sis :D..
    mine is only half of the closet..hihi

  4. HAHAHAA! You do like pink. I like the tone of the closet pink. It is a very pastel color.
    B* a la Moda

  5. Woooo,I love this tag,its a different for a change with photos!

    I do love your pink curtains and those nail polishes. And you to have face shop in Indonesia ? We have it here too!

    And that CottonInk shawl is so so gorgeous! I've just checked their site out and I'm seeing alot of things that I want now:D

    So beautiful 2 gifts Delon gave you. So sweet:)

    Ohhhh,you can just call my sister Valerie! heee
    Yes,that jacket is one of my faves now! But I just bought an off denim blue jacket ahahaha So i think I have a new favorite now.

    Awwww man! I thought we could do a bag swap. But its okay,because I'm so so happy when I saw your email yayyyy!
    Replied you too already,so excited !

    big hugssssss

  6. sooo soo cuteee ! thanks for tagging me anyway :))

  7. loooove pink! i imagine your room is really nice!


  8. Love all the pink, the curtain are so cute!

  9. wew..
    like the cottonink shawl dear,,
    like the color too..

  10. hey kak
    makasih uda berkunjung ke blog. hehehe.
    i've been busy for college so i didnt'thave time to blogwalking.
    thx for tag me this, i'll do it now (:

  11. Huaaah.. thank you for the tag, fika! ^^
    Love the pink closet in your room! hehe, wish i had that one... and your bf is such a great one! =)

  12. thank you for tagging me dear :D well, i dont have many pink items, but i'll post this asap !

  13. thank you ya kak for tagging me.i post it on my blog sooo just check it up yaaaa

  14. Aww thanks for tagging me. Ouw gosh, it will hard for me cos I don't have a lot of pink stuffs, it had been changed with purple :) but I'll try to find my old pink stuffs

  15. @ nana: thankss dear :)

    @ B a la moda: hahahaha..yeah, I just realized that my room is full of pink color..but honestly, right now pink is not my fave color :D

    @ Valencia: yess,,we have face shop here in Indonesia..and my sis is a big fan of faceshop's nail polish :D..go order from the cottonink then..she ship abroad too!! :D..

    @ piping: yess,just do the tag dear :)

    @ bere: hmm..honestly, I don't think my room is nice..haha

    @ Nubia: thankss..actually that's just an old curtain...haha

    @ Fian: yesss,,I love that shawl too!! :D

    @ Riatii: thankss for do the tagged :D

    @ yessi: thanksss :)..yess,,he is such a great man!! :D

    @ alita: hehe..thankss :) go find some pink stuffs then :)..hihi

  16. @ regina: I'll check it out dear :)

    @Luchie: haha...yess..try to find it's fun!! :)

  17. hey thanks for tagging. idk whether i can make this post/not.. it's pink all over the place.. how can i pick 7? bantalnya aj ud 3.. hahaha.. =p


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