Here is the winner!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just about a few minutes ago, I pick the winner of my 1st giveaways using
Actually, there are 52 comments that enter for the giveaways..but only 47 comments that valid..

From these pic you can see that pick no 6 as the winner!!

and the lucky girl no.6 is yofany who said
"i'll wear soft pink top-cause hey! we should brighten our days! with a black blazer(there's some white border and white buttons- to keep me warm enough) with acid-wash tight blue jeans and oh! i'll use some nice acc. and oversized bag(to put all of things). For the shoes,i won't use heels, but i'll use black flat shoes(easier to walk when the road is wet). oh well, wish i can win :))


Hope you like the 3 necklaces that I'll send to your house :)

thanksss a lot for all who joined the giveaways..
If I can I wanna send the giveaways to all of you ;)..
but, I only can pick one winner..So, I just wish you all can win another giveaways :)

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  1. aahhh too bad i can't have those beautiful giveaways :D
    but thats ok fikaaa :D
    i'll add your link yaaa in my blog :D

  2. wow.!!can believe ittt! thanks a lot fika!! love youu <3 <3

  3. Congrats for the winner. What a fair way to choose a number.
    B* a la Moda

  4. Hey! We really like your blog, you used to follow ours (hey-simes), but it isn't working anymore so we created , stop by whenever you want, hope you like it! we invite you to follow it,

  5. itu br kenal fik! jalan2 ngiter2 sydney gtu hehehe. too bad sherinanya gak ikut :D

  6. congrats!
    btw ceritanya satu org dapet 3 kalung.. kirain ada 3 pemenang. hehhee

  7. Ongrats for the winner

    too bad I don't know about the quiz

  8. we oh my to bad i'm not the winner. but, congrats for the winner.Kak fika,rok acid washed casedgy shop masih ada gak kak?

  9. @ Myria: I'll add yours too yaa :)

    @ Sherlyn: iyaa,,itu 3 kalung buat 1 pemenang sayang..hihi

    @ Ladyulia: just joined the next giveaways..hihihi

    @ regina: masiiih sayang..mau2? ;)..hihi

    @ others: yeess!!! congratz to yofany :) :)


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