1st Giveaways!! Get the Necklaces :D

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey guys!! How are you??? :D..
I hope all of you were in a good shape although we had rainy season, here in Indonesia..
yess,,rain dropped almost everyday now

As I promised you all, when my follower reach 50..I'll held a giveaways..
I really really sorry coz for the 1st giveaways is only for Indonesian reader..
For you who were international reader, just wait my 2nd giveaways ;)..hihi

For this 1st giveaways, I'll give you this 3 necklaces!! :D
*hope you like it ;)*..
1. Sequin Necklace
2. DIY tie dye studded necklace
3. Silver burn Bird cage necklace

How to enter the giveaways??
It's soo simple!!
You only have to tell me what will you wear in this rainy season *from head to toe*, it's better if you can tell me the reason why you wanna wear it..
Don't forget to leave your email address, name, and the city where you live

(Put the answer in ONE comment box)

I'll wear ripped jeans, white shirt, and black blazer, and red boots.
Fika, Jakarta, nalia.rifika@gmail.com


Additional entry
it's not a must, just do it for fun and if you have a free time..hehehe
it can increase the chance of winning the giveaways. LOL
[Don't forget to put each of it in the different comment box!! ]

- Be my follower via google friend connect. If you already follow me, just tell me then.
- Make a post on your blog about this giveaways and tell me the link of your post

I'll pick the winner by random.org
and if you do all of the rules, you have 3 entry..
it means you have 3 number to be picked by the random.org..hehehe

OCTOBER 20th, 2009 is the last date to entry the giveaways!!
I'll tell you the winner on October 22nd, 2009!!


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  1. I'll wear : black tights, off-white plain dress, leather jacket and also melissa shoes :D for the bag, i'll use Large LC and put a pocket umbrella inside!

    Myria, Yogyakarta. myriarafiz@gmail.com

  2. Hello, thank you for the comment! I love the necklace, so original.

    Maison Chaplin, the internationally recognized most stylish and glam fashion blog by some fashion houses!

    MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com @ Lisbon Fashion Week

  3. Wooooo,I really love love the bird cage necklace !

    Hmmmm,I'm waiting for the next giveaway ! Wooohooooo.

    You should try red lips on you,I bet you'll look so beautiful :))

    Ohhhh,the name necklace I wanna order ! Where do I go to order one ?

  4. i'll wear: a lacey legging, wear a long coat over a white dress,a studded boots, cotton.ink fringe shawl.. And for the bag, i wear a small zara sling bag

    too much but trust me, the long coat make you warm(;


  5. Well since this will be such long season, i'd love to wear dark-coloured tights and opaque off my vintage leather mary-jane shoes. I'll be wearing paired lace-y blouse with fall-colour skirts, add some cardigans and cropped blazer fot the layer. And much coffee cups. :)

    I'm your 50th followers and let see if I could catch up some additional feature on my post later on. Hugs!

  6. nice necklaces ! love them . I'd love to win !

    I'll be wearing distressed denim with bright printed rubber wellies with an oversize knit sweater with a bright printed umbrella. For the bag, I'll use my purple balenciaga to add more punch of color !

    Michelle Koesnadi, Jakarta.
    email : michelle.koesnadi@gmail.com

  7. i'll wear : white loose top, with pink tees, n black legging, :) just make the loose top better, with the simple studded necklace,, ^^ for the shoes i'll use black gladiator heels.
    for the bag,,i'll use my brown ELLE bag n bring the cute pink umbrella :)

    Teresia Mega Oktafianti a.k.a Fian. Yogyakarta. teresiaMO@gmail.com

  8. i'll wear soft pink top-cause hey! we should brighten our days! with a black blazer(there's some white border and white buttons- to keep me warm enough) with acid-wash tight blue jeans and oh! i'll use some nice acc. and oversized bag(to put all of things). For the shoes,i won't use heels, but i'll use black flat shoes(easier to walk when the road is wet). oh well, wish i can win :))

    Yofany,Jakarta, hue94@live.com

  9. post it already. congratulation! :)


  10. my 3rd comments! lol. i already follow you darling :)

  11. I have a lot of events this month so I'll be wearing outfit which can make me feel comfortable to move. I'd love to wear sneaker or my black ankle boots, a short, my favorite coat, a scarf and a shirt.

    Luchie, Yogyakarta, girlsrocktheworld@rocketmail.com

  12. hi fika, as I promised u, so I'm trying my luck here..;p

    I'll be wearing my DIY legging, white extra loose top, long coat, pink oversized sling bag + simple black booties.

    Indah, Depok, mademoiselle_indah@yahoo.com.

    btw, I already followed u..:)

  13. hello kak fika! thanks for your information on my blog hihi :)
    i definitely will wear my black latex legging, my white loose top, my denim jacket, my gray ankle boots. And surely i will tie my hair up. It's simple but so attracting ;3

    Silvi, BSD-Tangerang, silvisugus@hotmail.com // crunchycheeseme.blogspot.com

  14. here's the link dear


  15. wow i'm so excited with this giveaway ! those necklaces are gorgeous :)

    i think i'll wear a blazer , long top , maybe white , with jeans and of course stylish boots ! i want to buy boots , i don't have one . haha . oh i choose jeans so wet road won't bother me . haha .

    i've followed you , and i will put this giveaway on my future post !

    becky , jakarta , becky_xoxo4@hotmail.com

  16. i will wear a simple black shoulder padded coat that the length is over the knee
    (the fabric is not too thick, because it's not winter, the rainy season only)
    For the inside, i will wear a simple black cropped tee with V-neck and purple tutu skirt.
    Plus, i will wear feather necklace.
    For shoes, i think it's too much if i wear boots with a coat.
    i choose to use silver studded sandals =)
    (reasonable and a little alert: no heels... rainy season -> slippery roads.)

    yeah, one day i will wear those items to go to my college, after i finish making all.

    fika, gue juga lagi nyiapin giveaway dari bulan maren, tp gara2 sibuk, jadi belum sempet fotoin. ='(
    gue uda follow u =) thanks.

  17. keep it very simple
    floral shorts , loose shirt , knee boots and totally ACCESSORIES :))All kinds off cute accessories , accessories can make a very simple style look WOW!


    Darn i want to change that ugly email name but i have to make a new one. Too bad i have this email since 2nd grade so all of the important files are in here -.- I'm afraid i have to use it for my entire life huhuhu

    Btw , barangnya kirim via JNE aja kaaaaa soalnya kalo ketemuan aku ga sempet ( padahal mauuuuuuu ) thanks bangeeeet yaaaaaa !

  18. i'll wear: acid-washed jeans cause it make ur look beyond cool, pale pink loose shirt, black leather jacket,nike women's court force High Valentine's Day 2008 which is so girly yet sporty,big leather bag, put some accesories on..then..tadaaaa..ur ready to start ur rainy day!!

    email: mizz_wiytha@yahoo.com

  19. I'll wear colorful sweater dress, brown soldier blazer, pink scarf, black tights and wear my lovely sneakers.. white converse..
    mmm..and also do not forget for my plaid bag!! hehe..

    Tabitha, Bandung, tabita.dewi@gmail.com

  20. hei fika, i already be your follower :)

  21. Already post about ur giveaways!!


  22. and I already post on my blog. check it! :)


  23. Hi Im new here, love your strap line and totally agree, it does us good to try on different styles,so why not ways of being as well!You have a really fun blog and great giveaway so I will be back, seeing as Im now following you! Sharon xxoo

  24. fikaaa let me win this awesome necklaces!! hahaha..

    oh well i'll wear much layers, since it would be colder. i'm thinking about wearing a loose top with a legging. its time to wear the leather jacket too! with a pair of ankle boots i think.

    onic, monica.simbolon@gmail.com

    btw yes dear, sibuk kuliah. sedang menggila semester ini. pingin cepet lulus :D

  25. i am your follower and i have submit my outfit :D and now im gonna tell you about the blog i wrote (about your giveaways, of course!)


  26. http://victoriana-heralterego.blogspot.com/2009/10/octs-fashion-stuff-project-wishlist.html

    it's my post about ur giveaways fika.. :)

  27. and the last,,i'm ur 52th followers.

    check it ya,, :)
    hopefully be the winner,,haa..


  28. I will wears, my dad's biker leather jacket, levis denim shirts, american apparel white tee, black pants, doc martens boots

    why I want wears them cuz I need a warm and comfort clothes when rainy season to keep me for the cold weather

    june, bandung, junepaski@gmail.com


  29. fika.. lupa. hehe.
    gue uda follow u ya, follow anonymously. =) and ini emailnya: venezia_lowis@yahoo.com
    have a nice day...

  30. I'll wear topshop jumper(knitted intarsia crop top),plain white shirt,cotton.ink shawl,leather skinny jeans,and gladiator heeled! haha topshop jumper will keep me warm and it has really gooood pattern!(check it on their web if u curious about this)

    hehe pengen kalungnya kakak sayang! berikan padaku ! hhe :P

  31. I will wear: a cool baseball cap, a black top, a pink jacket, rolled-up jeans, butterfly necklace, a pair of cute sandals (daripada pake sepatu di tempat yg becek2. hehehe), and a postman bag with an umbrella in it
    Coz its simple, cool and warm :)
    email address: sher_smartz17@yahoo.com

    name: Sherlyn Lavenia

    city: Serpong, Tangerang

  32. http://www.luchielicious.co.cc/2009/10/fika-1st-giveaway.html

    I'm your follower :)

  33. Done! I've post this on dbutterflylover.blogspot.com

    Buka n follow (klo mau xD) yaaa.. Abis belom gitu banyak nih yg baca. Hehehe

  34. hahahha I imagine myself in rainy season with this outfit:
    flower minidress, tights, and my white docmartens,studdes bracelet, some silver rings..and also I would wear shoulder studded bag so I still can hold my umbrella with my free hand (without hold any bag)hehhe. I wouldn't wear heel to ease me walk on slippery roads.hehhee

  35. fika i've put this giveaway on my blog ! do check it out :)

  36. amazing necklaces. i love all.

  37. fikaaa aku jg mau bikin giveaway tapii belom sempet2 hehee.
    kalunya lucuu bgt, besok aku ikutan nyobain giveaway kamu ya. hehee. (^^)

  38. wow cool necklace fika! like it!:D

    hmm i think i will wear my white tee, flowery blazer, black skinny pants, vintage black sling bag and doc martens!

    doc martens will keep your feet dry until you arrive at home! hahahhaha

    i also make a post about this at:

    check it out! ;-)

  39. i will wear a black legging with a simple long tank top and use my long layered black cardigan.. and a nice red drawstring bag that can carry umbrella or my other stuff.. and also i use my cute ballet flats for the shoe..
    why? because it's comfy and warm without feel to hot when wearing it.. we live in such a tropical island.. :D

    alexandra, Jakarta, adrenaline_adeline@hotmail.com

  40. fikaaa... i'm already your follower.. :D

  41. i've made a post about your 1st giveaways!

  42. hmm, maybe i'll wear: my preppy jacket with tshirt inside, skiny jeans, and boots. so simple rite??

    nina.bsd. nina.evayanti@hotmail.com

    ps. i love all the necklaces..

  43. I'll wear sneakers, black skinny jeans, white loose shirt, jeans jacket, and floral print scarf as a veil

    Wulan, Jakarta, wulandari.h@gmail.com

  44. http://playfuljilbab.blogspot.com/2009/10/i-want-that-tie-dye-necklace-please.html

    fika... ini postku ttg giveaway ini yah... :)

  45. i'll wear my asymetrical cardigan, white inner, black hareem, a few rings and bangles, transparent umbrella, rubber flat shoes.

    Atika, jakarta.

  46. i'm done to make a post about you giveaway in my blog

    here is it http://atika-amalina.blogspot.com/2009/10/monkey-trip.html

  47. hei kak fika,
    i already be your follower..

  48. i also make a post on my blog, and the link is

  49. I''ll wear hoodie with tshirt from 10dencies, brown boots, jeans and some ring
    For the bag i'll wear sling bag

    Zora, Tangerang

    i hope i will get the necklace.

  50. black crystal embellished Balmain military jacket, Balmain black acid wash skinny jeans, Bottega Veneta Cutout leather boots,Miss Marc T-shirt by M.Jacobs, Burberry Large checked umbrella in black, Alexander McQueen Studded Faithful Tote. in a mood for monochrome here.


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