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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"Being GOOD is not enough, when BETTER is possible"
(Mario Teguh - Motivator from Indonesia)

I found this quote from Delon's status..My BF is a BIG FAN of Mario Teguh.
If you are from Indonesia, maybe you have watch his show on television, MARIO TEGUH GOLDEN WAYS. It showed on Metro TV.

I like the quote since the first time I read it..
It's so meaningful..

Do not satisfied yet when you already be a good person, coz there always a chance to be a better person :)

anw,,I'm thinking to change my layout into a simple one in a white color..what do you think? but I think, I have to make a good header first ;) *I'll ask a little help from my BF to make one,coz I'm so bad at editing pictures..hehehe*..maybe you guys wanna teach me? :D

P.S. sorry for not posting anything for a few days. I don't know why, but my connection always become slower in the beginning of a month :(..Just hope, it will be better soon!!

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  1. Love your blog!
    Maybe we can exchange link?

  2. thx jamie :)
    sure..why not? let's exchange link :D

  3. thankyou! I've linked you too.

  4. love the quote.
    you can leave the layout like this,it's so cute.or mabye,you can make it look like autum.you know,autum brings changes. :)

    anyway,i'm doing fine,just enjoying my very last week of summer vacation (can't belive it's over !)
    hope you're connection will get better.till then,take care and hugs >:D<

  5. i like the layout so far! have fun experimenting with the way that it looks. :)

    can't wait for your future posts! <3

  6. nice quote!
    thanks for sharing :)

    why do you want to change your layout?
    yess I think soo, if you decide to have white color, you will need a unique header, so that it would be such a identity for your blog..

  7. hey all :)..I'm happy if U like the quote..About the layout, Actually I like it..but I just a little bored with this layout..I never change it since I made this blog a couple month ago..hehe..so I think I need a refreshment..a more simple layout, coz basically I'm a simple person :D

    @ julls: autumn? hmm..I think that's a good idea..thanks for the inspirations..I'll try to find some layout or make a header with that idea ;)

    @ erica: thankss..hope I can find another interesting layout :D

    @ edhika: yess!! I really want to make a great header as the identity of my blog..but, I don't know how to make this..just wait until my BF have a free time to make one for me ;)..hihi..thanks edhika :)

  8. omg! Im such a bad visitor! :S sorry i missed you graduation day to congratulate you!!!! I feel so bad. In my defense is because i have been soooo busy, too much work, too tired, and i have been a little bit sad :S

    Happy Late Graduation! I send you a very big hug!

    good luck in this new stage of you life :)

  9. I hate lazy connections too . hmmm oh ya nyari layout tuh dimana sih ? aku juga mau ganti niiiih , and ntar yaa aku pilih kalungnyaaaa :)

  10. i know . that's too bad . they supposed to get a warning letter first , but they don't . oh you can read the update on my blog :)

    and i'm sorry ! i didn't see my link . haha . my bad .

    btw that quote is amazing , and so true . i watched that show once :)

  11. fikaaaa the quotes is very inspiring me !!! ilove the quotes<3

  12. oiya fika,i just forget:), i've already see your tips on gogirl web!!!!

  13. Hey Fika long time tidak bersapa yah... Congratz for your graduate yak. Btw check my new short hair in my blog and leave your comment hehehe... Thx U girl....

  14. @ Bere: it's okey dear..thanks for the congratulations :)..
    Send you a very big hug too :D

    @ Sabila: iyaa,,menyebalkan sangat :(..aq paling googling aja koq nyari templatenyaa

    @ Becky: ok,I'll visit your blog to read the update of the case :D..

    @ Regina: thankss darling :D..aq malah baru tau klo ud dimuat..abis dr kmrn2 susah bgt mau ol..hihi..makasii yaa ud dikasih tau :D

    @ Inbert: whaa..aku lupa mlulu mau nanya nama kamu..hihi..iyaa niy,sudah lama tak bersapa..Ok,I'll visit your blog to see your new hair :D


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