Aniston on ELLE September 2009

Thursday, August 06, 2009

She's still looks amazing at her age which is not young anymore..
Aniston is one of my fave actress..
I watch almost all of her movies..and the last movie I saw is He's Just Not That Into You..
I like the movie soo much..What a great story!!
For all of U girls who don't watch this movie yet,,I really suggest U to watch this movie..
Find out: are you the exception... or are you the rule? :)
anw, hope she will find a man who is so into her soon..hehe

Anw,I just found these pics *I know I'm late coz these pics are being taken on July*..
But, I still want to post it in my blog coz I like these two girls soo much..
Meester is my fave at GG and Bilson is my fave at the O.C. and seeing them wore the same outfit will be very rare things that could happened..
Here they are wearing the same floral Chris & Jaime jumpsuit.

Leighton Meester looked sexy in the jumpsuit at Katy Perry’s NYC concert on July 28. To complete her look, she wear a Chloe bag, Alexander McQueen shoes and a Love Rocks NY “Anchor” pendant.

Rachel Bilson wore the same jumpsuit over a turquoise bra while out and about in Los Angeles on July 18. She wore it with Repetto sandals, Chloe glasses and a YSL bag.

So, Who wore the jumpsuit better?
I go with Bilson!!

Source: Just Jared, Elle

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  1. Oh of Course I like to see Leighton Meester and Nice Shoes hohoho....

  2. @ myrrh: yesss!!! I love jennifer aniston too :D

    @ INBERT:'s hard for me to choose actually..I like both of them..hehe

  3. yikes hard decision!!
    I'm a huge fan of Leighton but for this one I'm gonna have to give it up to Rachel..
    I totally dig her turquoise bra hahaha..
    somewhat flashy but oddly enough she makes it non trashy ;p

  4. @ dotie: yeess. I chose Bilson too :D..her turquoise bra make it looks adorable..hehe


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