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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today, my lecturer approve proposal for my undergraduate thesis..I'm soo relieve coz it means that just one more step I can put S.Sos in my name (I prefered S. HI though.. Sarjana Hubungan Internasional is cooler than Sarjana Sosial ;p)..
So, now I just wait the perfect time for 'sidang skripsi' *I'm sorry for my bad vocab :(..I don't know what it's called in it conference for my undergraduate thesis??or advocation?? I hope U guys can help me ;) *

Anyway, beside doing the thesis, my recent activity is take a sewing course :D..hoho
And, after making 2 skirt (DONE!) and 2 blouse (1 DONE and 1 STILL ON PROCESS), now is the time for making one-piece or daily dress..
After searching for the design..My Choice goes toooo sailor dress which wear by Leighton in Gossip Girl.. this is the pic of the Dress :) *Hope I can make the dress as good as in the pic :D*
Yesterday, I just bought the material for making this dress at Pasar Baru..Can't wait to make this dress soon :D..
Once it finished (maybe in 1 month or maybe more),,I'll post the result of Made By Me dress :)


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